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Look around your luxury high-end home. Nothing beats the comfort of walking in, knowing you’re in the home of your dreams and the satisfaction of having the home decor look exactly like you’ve envisioned. Just the perfect sofa, chairs to match, and end tables to die for are all important pieces of what makes up a room you want to be in. Completing the picture are those finer touches that complement the furniture, the little tasteful extras your Clive Daniel Home designer has helped you gather.

If you’re wondering where you would start, here are some ideas for custom pieces to put the finishing touches on your perfect Naples or Boca Raton home.


Fortuny creates the finest fabrics in the world. Pillows made from Italian Fortuny fabric can instantly transform a room. Named for company founder Mariano Fortuny, these pillows handmade from exquisite handspun vintage fabric speak volumes when placed upon luxury high-end furniture, making this custom touch one to seriously consider. The detail is in the various designs used, with colors basic yet rich and lovely, easily bouncing off and matching the rest of the room’s detail. You may also want to consider Fortuny’s furrowed velvet round cushions, available in an array of rich colors to match your style.

Fortuny is also a creator of luxury, high-end lighting. Handmade in Venice, Italy, Fortuny’s elegant lamps are spun from opaline silk into intricate, yet simple designs for your Naples or Boca Raton home.

The lightness of the silk, the refined decoration and the balance of the silhouettes merge together to create true sculptures of light, adding an exquisitely beautiful touch to your space.

In turn, they will give your space good illumination in a soft, evocative and timeless atmosphere defying years of age.

A maker of fine fabric, Fortuny also produces house pieces like tapestries, table runners and key tassels. A chance to possess and show off the Fortuny line is one worth taken. Fortuny is available exclusively at Clive Daniel Home in Naples.


When it comes to your windows here in Florida, the ultimate set of window treatments should not only enhance your luxury, high-end interior design in Naples or Boca Raton, but also protect your investment from the harsh summer heat and sunlight. Dressing your windows exquisitely using this custom touch can make all the difference in the presentation of your home. Upscale brands like Lili Alessandra, Larsen Marlon, and Kravet create beautiful fabrics that your Clive Daniel Home designer can have customized to dress your windows just right to create a spectacular custom touch that dresses up and completes your rooms to perfection.


Nothing says “Come sleep now” like luxurious custom bedding meant to not only meet all your comfort needs, but also enhance the presentation of your boudoir. We’ve moved well beyond the bedspread of yore; it’s all thick, curl-up ready duvets, quilts, and the occasional comforter these days. One approach is to incorporate 100% mulberry silk into your duvet cover with a luxury, high-end brand like Olesilk. Another is the Lemiuex et Cie Kotobi quilt by Christiane Lemiuex, featuring geometric designs pulled from traditional Kuba textiles. The Lafond Teddy Bear single duvet cover quite possibly could be the item to keep you luxuriating in bed each morning to drink in the beautiful surroundings created by your Clive Daniel Home designer.


The upholstery covering your luxury high-end sofa is a beautiful custom touch that will radiate throughout your living room. Whether you go with Fortuny or another indulgent brand like Morimont, Jokhang Tiger, or a luxurious Scalamandre Love Bird Gold fabric, you can be rest assured that the quality is of the highest caliber. Your award-winning interior designer in Naples or Boca Raton can help you decide which company to go with and which fabric will work best in your gorgeous home.

A member of our Clive Daniel Home award-winning Naples interior design team, like Catherine Baker, can work with you to create just the right custom touches in your high-end home for a gorgeous presentation every time. Reach out to Catherine at 412-576-4373 or email her at [email protected]