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Have you binged a home improvement show once or twice in the past, thinking that mayyybe you could tackle a remodel and bring to fruition the perfect living room or kitchen you’ve been envisioning? As much as you may have gleaned from the many popular and well-crafted shows, you will find a huge difference when bringing in an interior designer to create just the right atmosphere within your high-end luxury Naples or Boca Raton home.


Interior designers, especially those that work with Clive Daniel, are highly skilled, educated in this field and quite often possess national accreditation and state licensure. Their expertise also quite often has led to awards from industry organizations recognizing their talent. In short, interior designers are professionals, so you know you’re in good hands when you hire one to work on your home project. They have the technical know-how, creativity, and professional aptitude for making home-interior remarkable.

Using their passion for creating and designing, interior designers specialize in having a multitude of arrangement ideas for your home that not only look appealing but are also functional and workable for your stylish, luxury Florida lifestyle. They have the skill to see the possibilities and the knowhow to bring the idea to fruition, so you can trust them to create an interior to meet or even exceed your expectations.


Utilizing both technology and green practices will result in a more energy-efficient home, which has been proven to save money and has less environmental impact in the long run. Interior designers know what to use for your flooring, window treatments, lighting fixtures and more to be more energy efficient.


By having an interior designer do the work you will save the time and effort of doing the project yourself, never mind having an experienced expert in charge of the project to cover all the hiccups that undoubtedly occur. Your designer will organize everything, choose the items including furniture and accessories, know where to shop for them and also be the best one to decide the color palette.


A valuable skill possessed by Clive Daniel interior designers is that of being detail-oriented. Aesthetics, function and form are individually addressed for your design project. A high-end luxury design plan includes making the best decisions on all aspects of the particular room or set of rooms. The attention to all the aspects is what separates the best interior designers from the everyone else. A perfectly executed design project and satisfied client is our goal each and every time.


Modern interior designs provide the elegance and comfort that’s expected in a high-end luxury home, while also improving the functionality in your life. Utilizing hands-on experience for individual room situations and following the requirements of discerning clients, your interior designer can ensure that all designs are functional, safe, and fit perfectly into your particular lifestyle.



At the outset of your design project, you may be tempted to save the cost of hiring a professional interior designer. In the long run, however, you’ll get a handsome return on your investment in both the redesign and having an experienced, professional interior designer onboard. Design features such as fixtures, lighting, drapes, paint, sofa designs, and carpeting will add value to your home.

Contact a Clive Daniel Home Interior Design Specialist such as Michael Blum in our Boca Raton showroom, and realize the vision for your luxury high-end interior design project now. Why wait? Email him today at [email protected] or call: 561-617-5588