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You may be from up north originally and have fond memories of the two-story split ranch you grew up in that had, wait for it…a basement, but you’re here in Florida now so why not enjoy the sunshine state inside and out with an interior that reflects the life you love now? In our beautiful neck of the woods called southwest Florida, just look west and the gentle Gulf of Mexico waters beckon. Wait until the end of the day and the horizon is filled with spectacular color.

Now more than ever, luxury high end Naples and Boca Raton homeowners have embraced the coastal look for their homes that reflects the beauty outside in order to showcase it within as well. The idea initially was born on the east coast with Atlantic American coastal style. The idea has gotten so immensely popular that these days there now exist several sub-categories such as cottage, tropical, Mediterranean and modern coastal design. All can be found in abundance on here the Gulf side as well.

Coastal contemporary interior design in particular is defined by clean lines, natural materials and textures. Keep things bright and airy, like in an art gallery, while adding depth with statement art and furniture in a simple refined setting to avoid a cluttered appearance. Light is vital in the coastal contemporary look. You are, after all, celebrating tropical beachside living. Here are some key points to consider in order to incorporate the look into your home:


Clean neutral colors with clear brights define the coastal contemporary look. Start with yellows, oranges and coral for warm hues, adding greens and turquoises to balance for cooler accents. Keep your color choice strong and vibrant throughout your home. With your print decisions, think big! You’ll want to scale up the sizes for any prints and go for bold in your stripes.

Coastal contemporary furniture choices should start at midcentury and later. Luxury, high end handmade furniture made from gorgeous timber can add warmth to your coastal contemporary home. Many pieces featured in the Clive Daniel’s custom furniture showroom reflect a coastal contemporary style, and make for statement, investment pieces using natural materials and textures that will never look dated. Keep shapes uncomplicated, with simple lines and basic finishes. These lines will evoke your coastal vibe. Even something as simple as a headboard that has a wave to it ties your bedroom into the coastal contemporary look. Furniture made out of teak, bamboo, wicker or seagrass are popular choices as well.


Go for classic, industrial, maritime-inspired lights to accentuate your coastal contemporary designed home. This style looks great against a clean, modern backdrop. Fixtures in stainless steel, polished chrome and aluminum catch the eye and fit perfectly within this look for bathrooms, kitchens and open living spaces.


Coastal contemporary interior design is defined by clean lines, natural materials and textures. Keep things bright and airy, while adding depth with statement art and furniture. Light is vital in the coastal contemporary look. You are, after all, celebrating tropical beachside living.


When your home is near the beach, the first inclination for flooring is tile, given its ease of cleaning and refined look. However, in coastal contemporary design, water-resistant hardwood flooring is the perfect fit. Hardwood floors featuring a distressed finish mirror the look of driftwood, a common sight at the beach. Look for lighter shades of brown with higher variations of color that mimic the twisting, deep grooves of driftwood.

Rugs should be simple but hard wearing, which is why natural fibers like sisal and jute are such popular choices. In our tropical environs, a lot of time will be spent outdoors enjoying the high-end luxury lifestyle on or near the water. Natural fiber sisal rugs can hold up to whatever might be tracked indoors from an excursion or two. Then you can layer similarly durable jute rugs as their splash of color pairs well with the sisal.


Live the high-end, luxury lifestyle of Naples and Boca Raton in your coastal contemporary-designed home. Contact Ashton Reams, a member of our award-winning Naples interior design team at Clive Daniel Home at 239-213-7808 or [email protected] and bring your vision to life.