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If there’s one trend Clive Daniel Home interior designers are glad to see go, it’s monochromatic spaces. White-on-white décor has had its moment. Designers in 2022 are excited to reintroduce bold colors and patterns into their homes and projects. This shift has resulted in the re-emergence of several trends, but one in particular: wallpaper.

Although wallpaper has been around for centuries, the materials and patterns available now are more technically advanced and visually striking than ever before. From textural grasscloths to digital murals to custom prints, the options are endless.

“Many of us grew up with wallpaper that was quite ugly, but there are so many beautiful options now,” said Núbia Rosa, one of Clive Daniel Home’s talented interior designers in Boca Raton. “For me, wallpaper is the final touch that makes a space special. I see it as jewelry for the room.”

Núbia has lived and worked in three continents—Europe, South America, and North America—and has acquired a love for creating sophisticated spaces that are at once eclectic, elegant, and polished. “I like a curated look,” she said. “I prefer to have pieces that speak to me either by their form or their presence for an effortlessly pulled-together look.”


Wallpaper has been a key component for achieving this aesthetic in her work. In one recent project, for example, Núbia used wallpaper in almost every room. In the living room, she picked a vivid, crystalline mural print. Because of how impactful the design is, however, she and her client decided to scale it down and use it as statement art rather than as a complete feature wall.

“My client loved this print, but it was a bit too large for the space we wanted,” Núbia said. “So, we had it customized in a smaller size and with a silver undertone rather than copper. Many people don’t understand that wallpaper can be customized in almost any way.”

Núbia also customized the wallpaper in the media room. She selected a metallic cork wallpaper with a contrasting metallic overlay, which added dimension and interest while complementing the room’s overall composition.

“You can really do almost anything with wallpaper,” she said. “Just like you can turn wallpaper into an art piece, you can also do the reverse; we can work with our vendors to turn any almost piece of art into a custom wallpaper, and in any scale.”


Núbia is currently working on several new projects, and is incorporating many of Clive Daniel Home’s latest wallpaper designs. The ones shown below are two of her current favorites, both of which are at once simple and dramatic.

She’ll be using the floral one going up double stairs: “It’s beautiful, elegant, transitional, and makes a statement.” The textured one is made of woven waterlily leaves, and will be used behind a bed: “Pictures don’t do it justice. I love the texture. It’s neutral, but elegant: a great substitute to a simple grasscloth.”

To see Núbia’s picks in person, visit Clive Daniel Home in Naples or Boca Raton Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm or Sunday 12pm- 5pm.

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