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Is your bedroom the one of your dreams? A high-end luxury bedroom should be elegant, sophisticated and full of special touches that make it feel like a five-star resort or ripped straight from the pages of the latest Naples coffee table home decor magazine—a masterpiece of perfection. Need we go on? Time to make this dream a reality. Here are some ideas to help you create an elegant bedroom that you’ll never want to leave.

Update your Bed Linens and Pillows

The feel and presentation of splendid, high-thread count bed linens just announce elegance when you see them. Choose from Egyptian cotton, linen, silk, or satin to give your room the sensibility of a romantic getaway. Indulge in some new pillows while you’re at it. Don’t forget bed pillows and a duvet insert made preferably with natural down for that feel of sheer elegance. Hypoallergenic fill works just fine if allergies are an issue. Either way, put comfort above all in order to get that good night’s sleep. Look for the best pillows and comforter you can afford especially for the master bedroom, since its where you get your beauty sleep each night.

An equally important part of your bedding refresh are your accent pillows. Choose from the vast array of ideas out there for a set of patterns, textures and colors. Buy and arrange as many as you’d like, then stack, fluff, flatten and get creative. Pillows reflect YOU.

Contemplate the Color

Consider a color palette that includes both the master bedroom suite as well as the master bath, in order to create continuity as your walk from one room to the other. They don’t necessarily have to be the same color, just two that work well together.
Try a tonal monochrome palette for that modern, sophisticated look. Choose one color you’d like for soothing you to sleep, then mix different shades in the same family for contract. Accent your new bedding with trending design touches like metallic or rustic wood accents.

Within that frame of mind, here are some palette ideas courtesy of HGTV:

  • Beachy Blue/White/Sand
  • Emerald Green/Crisp White
  • White/Black/Hazelnut
  • Navy/Multi
  • Champagne/Lavender
  • Mocha/Ivory



The focal point is that first thing your eye catches when you walk into the room., so be sure the focal point in your bedroom is gorgeous and welcoming.

Consider painting a wall a darker shade or even a completely different yet complementary color to add visual interest. Your headboard wall is a good choice, or a display wall showcasing a collection of fine Naples or Boca Raton artists’ work. You can also highlight those gorgeous linens with a new bed that makes an unforgettable statement. Whether your preference is an ornately carved sleigh bed, a velvet tufted headboard or a wrought iron canopy— with your bed as focal point, it will showcase  the heart and soul of your elegant sanctuary.

Artwork is designed to inspire and evoke emotion, which is why it also works so well as a focal point in the bedroom. Nothing draws attention more than a beautiful print or photography. Choose an oil painting or wall sculpture to perk up your bedroom.


These little accents all add up to a big deal when implemented. Install various types of molding, suggests Linda Chechar for dengarden. Crown molding, a high baseboard, ceiling beams or medallions are those extra touches that greatly enhance the architectural look of your room. Swap out your furniture hardware with a set of unique drawer pulls and knobs, and consider metallic accessories such as gold, brass or silver that really stand out. Wall mirrors, accent tables and shimmering picture frames will also contribute to the feeling of a high-end luxurious bedroom.


By connecting your bedding color palette to window treatments, you can tie your bedroom’s update together. Choose curtains in the same color family as your base bedding, or match them to your accent pieces that completes the color story through your entire room, suggests Annie Selke. A monochrome -looking bedding set should be offset by patterned or embellished window curtains or match them to the bedding and use modern textures for the update.


When it comes to flooring, most considerations swing between wood or carpet. Here in Florida, where summer temps soar, tile is also a viable option to help keep the room cool. Ceramic tile is a popular choice, especially with the option to install radiant heating mats to warm up the floor during those few months when you’d need it, or of course for whenever you’d like. Several types of ceramic and porcelain tile address both worlds. While looking enticingly just like wood, they offer the cool temps of tile. Tile now offers the option of rectangular shapes too! Laying tile in a diamond pattern used to be the only way to update the tile look. Now they are both shaped and colored just like the wood floor you remember in your bedroom growing up. Think about an area rug to match and provide a gentle contrast to your flooring choice.

Accessories are the completion of your bedroom’s refresh. Go for modern décor and art, and you’ll be well on your way to a beautiful new bedroom!

Get additional bedroom refresh ideas at the Clive Daniel showrooms in Naples or Boca Raton, Florida, and browse selections online. Contact Clive Daniel award-winning interior designer Fran Brady in our Boca Raton showroom at [email protected] or call 561-617-5563.