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Your new high-end luxury home is beautiful! Now it’s time to make the indoor décor match the gorgeous architecture and landscaping with a museum-worthy art collection. After all, this is southwest Florida; from Naples to Boca Raton, we are a haven for artists and collectors alike.

You could start by visiting any of the area galleries to view collections on display. Many noted artisans make their winter and permanent home in the area, and their art is on display oftentimes in the same building as their studio. Look online for gallery listings. Southwest Florida Traveler is a good place to start. Our area is also home to numerous national juried art shows during the winter months. These are great places to find your collection of prized possessions. If you’re hesitant about selecting art pieces for your home, then consider going with a single artist or style throughout your space.

Sometimes the most daunting part of getting art on the walls is not so much tracking down just the right print or photograph, but rather finding the right frame for it. Generic online options tend to look somewhat generic, and they’re offered in only the most basic dimensions.

Once you’ve collected your favorite portraits and canvases, invest in matching frames for each set you plan to display together. It will keep your space looking cohesive and create a flow for that particular area. As you can imagine, there are almost as many frame styles as art itself. Rather than sorting through the choices at the local hobby shop, you can explore the option of hiring a custom framer to get exactly the right frame in which to place your prized possessions.

A custom framer will devise a frame (or set of frames) to capture the essence of the individual art while also perfectly matching your indoor colors and room layout. Best of all, many of these places will take care of everything from printing to framing to adding the hanging hardware. Many framing resources exist to do the work for you and finally reveal all of those pictures of brilliance still rolled up in a tube in your closet.

Let us help you bring your art into the open to be enjoyed by all who live and visit your luxury, high-end southwest Florida home. Put our Naples Clive Daniel design team’s art consultant and framing specialist, Gloria Wade, to work for you to fully capture the elegance of your art collection against the backdrop of your distinguished home.

For more information, please reach out to Gloria at [email protected] or call (239) 261-4663.