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Sydney Warren

Sydney Warren

Registered Interior Designer, #0004111

Good interior design takes into account the well-being of its residents. I want my clients to feel good in their space and be surrounded by the things that they love!

Sydney Warren studied interior design at Florida State University and has been working as a designer for more than 25 years. She has always loved the creative process of designing homes and their interiors. As a child, Sydney’s father worked with an architect to build her childhood home, which gave her a front row seat to the design process and an enduring passion for the craft.

Since stepping into the professional arena, Sydney has tackled diverse projects, spanning new construction homes, model designs, home renovations, and intricate spaces. One standout venture involved a complete penthouse remodel for a space entrepreneur, intended for entertaining and sales purposes for a private space travel company. Despite the unique challenge of infusing space-inspired elements, the entire project was executed remotely—meetings and all—preceding the pandemic.

While Sydney excels in various design realms, her true passion lies in “bringing a family’s dreams for their home to life.” Regardless of the project, she invests time in understanding her clients and their visions, ensuring the delivery of a stunning space that aligns with their needs. Sydney’s exceptional work has earned her several accolades, including an Aurora Award and multiple Pinnacle and Sand Dollar Awards.

PHONE: 239-218-1052
EMAIL: [email protected]