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Shannon Howell

Shannon Howell

Interior Designer

Interior design isn’t just about selecting pretty fabrics, beautiful furniture, or the right color paint; it’s about creating a space you resonate with, that refuels your soul after a long day and helps you reconnect with yourself and your family.

Shannon Howell has always loved interior design, but it wasn’t her original career plan. Raised in southern Maryland, just outside of Washington D.C., Shannon moved to Naples in 2013 to study biology and environment science at Ave Maria University. After graduating, she explored multiple fields of interest before realizing that none of them were as fulfilling to her as design. “I wondered how I never thought of it before,” she says. “I loved interior design, and it’s something I was certain I could make a lifelong career out of.”

Since joining Clive Daniel Home, Shannon has repeatedly showcased her inherent design sensibilities and talent, often going above and beyond to create unforgettable spaces for her clients. “I agree with the phrase, ‘Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,’ but I would add that if you do what you love, you will work even harder—because you care,” she says.

Shannon believes that one’s home should not only be beautiful, but should also be comforting, functional, and reflective of its inhabitants. To that end, she makes sure she gets to know her clients and their goals before starting any project. “Being able to help create a dream home for someone who doesn’t have the tools to do it themselves is so important, and why I love interior design.”

When she is not busy designing, Shannon can be found at the beach, reading a book, or exploring Naples with her husband.

PHONE: 239-922-3234
EMAIL: [email protected]