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Sarah Burke

Sarah Burke

Interior Designer

My job as a designer is to help my clients live in the moment and enjoy their homes.

Raised in Westport, CT, Sarah Burke studied at the Drexel University School of Architecture and received her BFA in interior design from Moore College of Art and Design. She has since acquired more than two decades of experience in construction management, site selection, interior design, and space planning. In addition to residential interior design, Sarah has also worked as an independent designer for four retailers, helping them build new stores across the U.S.

Sarah approaches each project with the goal of creating an undeniable wow factor. She loves the exploration of how a space can be transformed through the use of natural light, fresh floor planning, and beautiful furnishings and finishes. “I have no fear of ugly spaces, but instead think of them as possibilities to be developed,” she says.

Her clients have praised her ability to enhance the beauty of a space, as well as her keen sense of color and texture, proportion, positive and negative space, art, and lighting. “My job as a designer is to help my clients live in the moment and enjoy their homes,” she says. “It’s exciting and challenging to become aware of all the design opportunities in a space—whether it’s a view, fantastic art, or a garden that your eye is drawn to.”

One of Sarah’s favorite projects involved restoring a 6,800 sq. ft. home in Atlanta, GA following severe water damage from burst pipes. She stripped the house to the studs and restored it room by room, adding numerous additions in the process and updating the aesthetic from Tuscan to modern for the owners. “I like that every one of my clients wants something different, and I love the challenge of creating designs that are unique to their individual style.”

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