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Lea Creech

Lea Creech

Director of Business Development

In the realm of creative transformation, our team of experts possess an extraordinary aptitude for transcending the boundaries of mere concepts, gracefully rendering clients' dreams into tangible existence.

Boca Raton native Lea Creech was introduced to interior design through the fashion world. Her previous experience includes several years working in varied sales and management positions for Nordstrom, which trained her creative instincts and developed her communication and service skills. From that experience, she went on to become the business development coordinator at Robb & Stucky, where she planned and implemented strategies to help the store reach its sales goals.

As the director of business development for Clive Daniel Home’s Boca Raton location, Lea now works to cultivate relationships with local real estate agents, builders, and commercial businesses that can benefit from the company’s interior design services.

“It is my utmost pleasure to be here, offering unwavering support to our team as they pursue their unparalleled artistic excellence,” she says. “Embracing the power of collaboration, I eagerly embark on cultivating meaningful partnerships that enable us to make a positive and lasting contribution to our community.”

Outside of the showroom, Lea enjoys all things related to health and wellness, music and film, reading, and socializing.

PHONE: 561-617-5536
EMAIL: [email protected]