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Inaam Johnson

Inaam Johnson

Interior Designer

"Home is the clients’ sanctuary. I want them to feel at peace – before, during, and after a home project."

Inaam Johnson is an interior designer at Clive Daniel Home. Her attention to detail is paramount, which is manifested in her ability to manage complex projects that require construction and renovation in addition to interior design. Inaam has assumed several professional roles in the design and construction industry, resulting in a diverse resume of experiences. This makes her an ideal choice for any project involving multiple trade professionals, complex schedules, or architectural interior detailing.

A memorable project was a 5,000 square-foot waterfront home. For this project she served as the owner’s representative and provided a range of essential services throughout all stages of the project to ensure everything ran smoothly. She oversaw the entire project, include the planning, design, construction, and commissioning, as well as the closeout phase. As the owner’s representative, Inaam reported directly to the homeowner and offered valuable and unbiased advice regarding important project decisions.

Inaam started her career in 1997 after attending what is now Miami International University, where she majored in interior design. She went on to spend 11 years as the owner and principal designer of an interior design firm, as well as an interior design consultant for a “to the trade” interior design showroom.

Inaam draws on all her experiences when working with her clients at Clive Daniel Home. Her inspiration is client specific, resulting in a unique design for each project. She listens to what her clients say they need and delivers more than they could have ever imagined. She can elaborate on even the most basic vision that a client has for their space and deliver something truly exceptional.

PHONE: 561-513-3956
EMAIL: [email protected]