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Dale Hodge

Dale Hodge

Interior Designer

Design is storytelling, and with every project, I embark on a journey to weave narratives into spaces, creating environments that resonate with the lives lived within them.

Dale Hodge, an esteemed Interior Designer with over 27 years of global experience, has left an indelible mark on the world of design. Originally from the Dutch Caribbean, Dale has spent extensive periods in Florida, the Netherlands, and the Caribbean, amassing a diverse portfolio of work that spans continents.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and a rich background rooted in the arts, including early exposure to ballet and dance, Dale’s journey into design felt like a natural progression. Her career has been marked by remarkable versatility, including roles as an Interior Designer and Merchandising leader, high-end sales professional, and expert in merchandise and purchasing.

Dale’s notable projects range from a boutique movie theatre to the prestigious 200+ unit Rainbow Beach Club in St. Maarten, where she catered to discerning worldwide clientele. Her ability to transform spaces, whether boutique restaurants, doctor’s offices, or banks, is driven by her profound connection with her clients and their life stories.

Drawing inspiration from her diverse experiences and family background in architecture, Dale approaches each project with creativity, passion, and a commitment to excellence. With a career spanning multiple continents and industries, Dale’s expertise transcends borders, making her a visionary in the world of interior design.

PHONE: 786-223-4631
EMAIL: [email protected]