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Jeanine Zapatka, an esteemed interior designer at Clive Daniel Home, has contributed her expertise to the restoration and redesign of the historic Caples Estate in Sarasota as part of a landmark Historic Preservation Campaign initiated by New College of Florida and the New College Foundation. Zapatka’s exceptional talent and Clive Daniel Home’s distinguished furnishings have been pivotal in elevating the aesthetic appeal of this cherished landmark.

Nestled at 351 Caples Drive, the Caples Estate holds a revered position in Sarasota’s architectural legacy. Zapatka, drawing upon her expertise and artistic insight, has meticulously reimagined one of the estate’s rooms, infusing it with enduring elegance and contemporary flair.

Inspired by the estate’s rich history and architectural grandeur, Zapatka conceived a design concept rooted in the timeless allure of Hollywood Glam. Her vision sought to pay homage to the estate’s heritage while introducing modern elements that resonate with contemporary aesthetics. Leveraging Clive Daniel Home’s extensive array of premium furnishings and accessories, Zapatka curated a selection of pieces that seamlessly complemented the room’s historic charm while imbuing it with a sense of luxury and refinement.

“Capturing the opulent allure of Hollywood Glam, I crafted a space that echoes the lavishness of the 1920s with a contemporary twist,” elaborated Zapatka. “Inspired by the enchanting chandelier and classical architecture, I curated a formal yet beautiful ambiance. The accent color drawn from the painted wood trim outside the windows harmoniously tied the design together, with every piece carefully selected from Clive Daniel Home’s stocked collection.”

Zapatka’s transformative work at the Caples Estate exemplifies Clive Daniel Home’s unwavering dedication to preserving Sarasota’s architectural heritage and underscores the profound impact of thoughtful design. Through her dedication, the estate’s interior has been rejuvenated, ensuring that its legacy endures for generations to come.

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