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Look at that impeccable swath of floor in your home! Be it designer tile or hardwood, your floor hosts an array of possibilities as you consider how to design your luxury, high-end new home or remodel. One sure-fire eye catcher is the addition of an area rug to your motif. You never realize just how much an area rug can make or break a room until you hit the jackpot and bring on the satisfaction. Between figuring out the right size for your space and narrowing down the pattern and texture that appeals most to you and your aesthetic, picking a rug can be a time-consuming activity for both you and your Clive Daniel Home interior designer. The beauty, however, is how wonderfully a gorgeous rug can tie a space together. Think about it…rugs are a wise investment, providing years of service and pleasure, but where to start? Here are some ideas to consider for your high-end home in Naples or Boca Raton.


Oriental Rugs

Always a symbol of wealth, these rugs are a great investment as their value never decreases. Quite often they do the opposite. The variety of Oriental rugs is wide, but has a solid list you can use for comparison. Most are handmade from a variety of fabrics as well. To name just a few, Chobi Ziegler represents one of the more popular kinds. Silk Orientals are often woven with real gold threads, adding to the value. They also have a very soft, plush texture to them. Persian rugs are actually a type of Oriental, and are hand-woven in Iran (formerly Persia). Their classic motifs such as pomegranates, flowers, jugs, and lotuses come in traditional colors like blue, red, brown, beige and gold. Flat Weave Kilim rugs are known for their unique linear design, bold colors and flatweave character. They are also more plush than traditional Oriental rugs.

Always a symbol of wealth, these rugs are a great investment as their value never decreases.

Dhurrie Rugs

Dhurrie rugs are also a popular design made in India featuring geometric shapes with animals, flowers and people woven into the design in a chiseled-looking fashion. Chevron, which is not just the name of an energy company, is also the name of a very popular rug pattern featuring zigzag v-shaped patterns. This style actually dates back to 1800 BC, and was first found in ancient Greece. Herringbone, similar to chevron, also has a long history back to ancient Egypt, where it was used in textiles and jewels for ancient kings. Chevron has Celtic roots as well and appeared in Irish wool tweeds.

Bordered Rugs

Bordered rugs have a variety of uses and work great beneath cocktail tables, dining tables or used as a foyer piece for your luxury high-end home. They are designated as such for their base color in the middle and strips of border on the edges.

Once you‘ve narrowed your selection down a bit, it’s time to focus on rug placement. Quite often, high-end interior designers start a room design around the area rug and build up from there. The rug’s design can also prompt color choice for the walls, accessories and wall accoutrements. Just follow this general rule: The area rug should be a minimum of six inches and no more than two feet away from the wall, and if tripping over the rug corners and edges is a concern, consider insetting the rug into your floor to give you a flush level floor throughout, therefore alleviating worries.

While we’re discussing rug placement, one place oft-overlooked is your outdoor space. In Florida the given outdoor option is a good solid concrete floor in and around the pool area, but one can similarly consider a rug for other outdoor gathering locations. Rugs designed to withstand the elements while maintaining an upscale feel.

For additional design ideas utilizing area rugs, ask the Clive Daniel Home experts such as Beverly Perlin in our Boca Raton location, 561-671-5553 or [email protected].