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Luxury, high end hotels worldwide, including many here in Naples and Boca Raton, are some of the most opulent places to visit, starting the moment one enters the property. From magnificent chandeliers overhead to exquisitely appointed floor arrangements, the Modern Luxury hotel lobby designed just right will make that all-important great first impression and overall sophisticated statement.


One of the hottest trends in hotel lobby design lately is the use of a neutral palette that includes, for example,  shades of cream, brown, beige, grey and black using high quality materials and fabrics for the furniture and entire decoration. As a plus, the majority of the pieces are handcrafted, giving extra glamour to the unique design of a modern luxury high-end hotel lobby.

Regal yet comfortably inviting, the modern luxury high-end hotel lobby presents a grand welcome to guests.


Luxury high-end hotels appoint their lobbies with quality furniture and accessories in order to captivate without going overboard. Unexpected decoration in the form of furnishings and finishes are often found within this world of understated elegance. Touches of art in both canvas and sculpted form abound, tastefully arranged and accented by touches of live greenery. Regal yet comfortably inviting, the modern luxury high-end hotel lobby presents a grand welcome to guests.


Sustainability, ie “going green” has been a hot trend lately, as an increasing number of people. and the industries that serve them, are intent on incorporating the responsibility of preserving their environment into their lifestyle and décor. In our tech-dominant world, we all need to stop and reconnect with nature, and hotels are integrating the idea into their lobby designs.

“We’re redesigning the structures and objects in our lives in direct response to climate change and in service to a healthier world, and it’s becoming the rule, not the exception,” says Kelly Sawdon for AdPro. Sawdon is partner and chief brand officer of Atelier Ace, the design team behind the revolutionary Ace Hotel brand. What travelers can expect in lobbies as properties strive for a cleaner, eco-friendly approach are accoutrements like air-purifying sculptures, plant installations, living landscape murals and sculptural flower arrangements. Hydroponic gardens are increasingly popular as well, putting guests more in touch with onsite restaurants that utilize in their offerings the herbs and produce that are being freshly grown in their lobby.

Even a view of lush greenery outdoors can perk up the senses, as Clive Daniel Home utilized in our design for lobby areas at Naples Bay Resort. A series of floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of natural light to amplify the colors and scenery found within.


While we’re reconnecting with healthy, natural environments, we continue to enjoy the ever-present technology with which to savor the moment and share it with the world. Luxury high-end hotels are increasingly integrating technology like self-check in screens and self-check out billing to limit business interaction with staff and speed up the process. In turn, staff are freed up to occupy social hospitality spaces and use their time to act as truly the friendly forefront of the arrival experience. shares that some of the nuances seen in tech-savvy luxury high-end hotels lately include robotic staff, personalized rooms with Smart Appliances, even wearable technology!


As we’ve seen in ongoing “back to basics” movements that has consumers rediscovering the novelty of pre-digital age concepts, hotel properties are bringing back analog joys like books and vinyl records to their lobby offerings.

With a veritable overload of hotels over the last couple of years trying to make their lobbies as “Instagramable” as possible, we now have hotels once again looking to what defines their individual sense of place rather than what the masses may Like and Follow. In this vein, experts foresee lobby environments with intense hues and the occasional random color combination in an effort to feel more like a home, oftentimes blurring the lines between art and architecture.

See how Clive Daniel Home’s award-winning hospitality interior design team has utilized these concepts and more at several Florida properties. From the Spa at the Ritz Carlton Beach Resort in Naples and Hotel Indigo in neighboring Ft. Myers to Harborside Wyndham in Jupiter and Coconut Beach Resort in Key West, whatever you may favor for your luxury high-end hotel experience, it’s ready for you. For some great ideas, give Clive Daniel Home’s Maryanne Hubbell a ring at 239-26-4663 x7852 or email [email protected].