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As the focal point of your living room, your coffee table is one of the best places to express your personal style and make a design statement. No matter what kind of table you’re outfitting, there’s a definite art to styling it—which can be difficult to master without a little experimentation and know-how. With that in mind, we’ve compiled our top five foolproof coffee table decor ideas to simplify the process for you.

1. Showcase Your Books

Coffee table books can double as conversation starters, revealing a lot about your home and your interests. Incorporating a few stacks of your favorites facing multiple directions is not only chic, but also communicates a lot about you and lends a personal touch to the room. 

2. Layer, Layer, Layer

Layering is key when styling a coffee table. You can create a foundation with a textured or leather tray, and from there, add on tall vases, colorful books, or meaningful souvenirs for a look that is sophisticated and lived-in. 

3. Follow The Rule of Three

When in doubt, follow the rule of three, which maintains that items look best in groupings of three. It could be as simple as a stack of books, a candle, and a vase with some fresh flowers—a few key pieces truly go a long way. 

4. Incorporate Greenery

Adding plants and flowers to your coffee table is an age-old trick that adds instant freshness and helps liven up your space. Best of all, you can select different varieties based on the season. 

5. Change It Up

Don’t be afraid to adjust your coffee table’s decor to create more space when needed, rotate in new pieces you’re drawn to, or change the color palette altogether. Perhaps the best part about styling your coffee table is that you can change it at any time and play with new looks. You’re never wedded to one configuration and can always create new styles that inspire. 

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