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Given the amount of time we’ve been spending at home, wouldn’t you just love to outfit your luxury high end home with the gadgets and technology available these days to make life a bit easier? We’re well into the 21st century and finally, the convenience-filled vision of future home life has arrived! Those silly gadgets that did everything in The Jetsons’ cartoon future home in the clouds now pretty much exist in an ever-growing collection of Smart Home technology. Smart devices can help simplify your life, so you have more time to focus on the important stuff like staying healthy and sane, while also enjoying your luxury high-end home.


Smart homes have come a long way from the Ring doorbell and Alexa voice-activated speaker on the kitchen counter. The advancement, like most tech these days, allows you to use smart home accessories for just about everything – from controlling your thermostat and locking your front door to lowering your shades and even programming your light bulbs to flash the colors of your favorite sports team when they score (Those would be Philips Hue A19 smart light bulbs FYI). Developers these days are certainly on a roll, continually adding to an ever-growing list of smart home apps and devices. At this point you can remotely control your luxury high-end home’s AV system, water usage, lighting, lawn care, garage doors and filling your dog’s food/water dish. Your smart home can also be programmed to alert you when you’re running low on particular items, then order groceries to be delivered. Best of all, it’s all easily controlled by the smartphone you’re more than likely using to read this.

Companies have even foreseen the need for individual ecosystems in your house to communicate with one another and work together toward your ultimate comfort and convenience, again controlled from your phone or by voice command. No need to panic about a possible iOS vs. Android, PC vs. Mac situation either; smart home devices conveniently play nicely with one another. Just look for the “works with…” sticker on the box or website to see if its compatible with what you’ve already got so far. It’s also a good idea to factor a smart device system into any upcoming high end interior design plans.


From adjusting the temperature of your hot tub and pool, to the individual energy management of each room in your home, automated climate and lighting controls pay for themselves by conserving energy at every point of use throughout the night and day. They adjust for personal wants and needs, peak usage and time of day, without you ever having to think about it.


Google, Amazon and Apple are the current major players in the smart home arena. Tech site The Ambient has a nice rundown of features and systems. These include:

  • Home security
  • A camera system to alert you when someone is at your door or on your property from wherever you are, as well as keep a video license plate log of every vehicle on your property
  • Peace of mind and convenience, especially for the older and disabled populations
  • Increased energy efficiency that will lower insurance cost
  • Home theater and media options to automatically control lighting and air conditioning when a movie is on. Turn just about any room in your home into a multi-purpose media room.
  • Media equipment that seamlessly reveals itself at the touch of a button. Hidden screens and speakers descend from ceilings, hide inside framed artwork, or rise from specially-designed furniture.
  • Media servers that will stream music, movies and TV shows anywhere in your home or business network from the Internet. Interface with your doorbell and phone to automatically lower the volume or pause when it rings.
  • Customize your family’s phones to double as an intercom, from anywhere
  • IMAX movie theater room

Home can be an even greater, safer, smarter place to be. Smart home devices just make life easier in a complex world. Talk to Ada E. Ustjanauskas in the Clive Daniel Home Boca Raton showroom for additional ideas to make your home the Smart House of the future. Call 561-617-5550 or email [email protected].