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Designed to elevate the high-end finishes and furnishings of your luxury high end Naples or Boca Raton home, lavish lighting completes the space by distributing light and casting shadows that frame the individual rooms. The correct lighting methods not only provide function by illuminating the home, they also contribute visual interest and become the focal point and wow-factor that will leave guests breathless.

Today’s lighting trends are influenced by emphasizing personal technology and unique individualism

Luxury lighting designers approach the art of lighting your home to include elements of sculpture, motion, light and shadow to manipulate and transform spaces. Masterly designed and meticulously crafted fixtures are therefore the culmination of art and design with a component of luxury that results in awe-inspiring luxury lighting and illumination.

“Today’s lighting trends are influenced by emphasizing personal technology and unique individualism,” says trends expert Daniel Levine for, “Specifically, this is translating into the incremental growth of smart LED lighting.”

Here are a few of the reasons to consider LED lighting in your luxury high-end home.

  • The U.S. Department of energy says that LED lighting uses 80% less electricity than traditional incandescent lighting and 20% less than compact fluorescents.
  • LED bulbs last up to 25 years.
  • LEDs contain no mercury and have a much smaller environmental impact compared to other bulbs.
  • LEDs provide superior light quality that’s pleasing to the eye, and work great with new digital lighting control technologies.


As more and more people discover the versatility and convenience of LED lighting, that means supplies are increasing and prices are dropping. Just a few years ago when halogens and compact fluorescent lights starting to worm their way into our lighting budgets, LED bulb prices were as high as $30 per bulb for a 60-watt incandescent equivalent. Nowadays, however, prices have dropped to around $10 per bulb, with energy (and cost) savings of about three years.


The versatility of LED lighting continues to grow.  The lights can be made so small that some are no bigger than the point of a pencil, which opens up a world of lighting options! For example, hundreds of tiny LEDs can be embedded in sheets of drywall to create walls and ceilings that glow. Philips and carpet manufacturers have wasted no time utilizing this technology, having already teamed up to create light-transmissive carpets. Add some motion sensors, and we’ll have hallways that light up as we approach and fade away behind us — putting light where we need it and turning it off where we don’t, thereby saving energy and cost. With Smart Home technology, homeowners can control all functions from their devices as well.


LED lights look lovely as part of outside décor of Florida homes and are being incorporated in an increasing number of luxury high-end residences. Orlando-based Illuminations USA is one of a growing number of companies that uses only LED and low-voltage lighting to create efficient, expertly-lit areas for both entertaining and security outside. Given their versatility, LED lights make a distinctive difference in the color of your garden, providing a brighter light level and more refined focus.

Experts predict that fixtures will change, giving even more freedom for creativity as time goes on. They’re not going to be bound by metal bases and screw-in bulbs. Says Levine, “In addition to seeing more light setups that are personalized by their owners for color and intensity, we are seeing an emphasis on zone lighting and one-of-a-kind fixtures that speak to a homeowner’s unique good taste and individuality.”


One of the more creative aspects of LED lighting is the availability of colored bulbs. LED Lighting shares that the entire RGB color spectrum can be utilized to create patterns of spectacular color. While offering an appealing variety of warm and cool hues, LEDs will also produce a highly efficient lighting display.


And finally, LED technology can be good for you. It is increasingly being merged with scientifically based human-centric approaches to boost concentration and compliment sleeping patterns. Whatever color you’re feeling, it can now be reflected in your home lighting. Here’s to the future!

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