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You’ve decided to take the leap of faith and dedicate one area of a particular room in your luxury high-end Naples or Boca Raton home as an accent wall. No worries, the commitment you make can be the best interior design decision ever. The accent or feature wall takes a bit of foresight to decide on the best color, then its on to dressing it up just right because it’s a fact: once you’ve committed to that initial brush of paint, said wall will now be the room’s focal point and it needs to deliver. Then there is the hidden bonus: you get to try out colors before committing to the entire room.


Choose a wall that preferably has no windows or doors to break up the color flow. Keep in mind that light from adjacent windows will only serve to darken the accent color or make it look virtually invisible during the day. If your room is oblong, you’ll want to go with the farthest short wall to draw attention. The accent color will make the wall appear closer to you, thereby levelling out the shape of the room, even if only to the eye, insists house painting tutorials. If the room you’re considering is a bedroom, it’s the wall behind the headboard. Use this logic for the wall behind a showcase sofa, or one that holds gallery art. Otherwise, a wall that already features an interesting architectural accent works wonderfully.


The most common paint type and finishes used in bedrooms are water or latex-based paint with an egg-shell, satin or semi-gloss finish. You’ll also want a color that works well with the other existing colors in your space, recommends Diana Hathaway Timmons for The Spruce. As simple as they are, they could possess color hints that might not fit into your vision of your luxury, high end accent wall. You could also bounce your accent color off that of existing furniture or throw pillows already in the room.

“Choose something that makes you feel good,” says Kristen Chuber, director of brand management at “From your inspiration piece, choose the color that stands out to you the most.” When all else fails, go for basic, keeping your accent wall the same color as the other three, however two or three shades darker. Foolproof!

If your color selection decision is still keeping you up at night, try Paletton’s online color tool to help with your choice.


Here’s a novel idea everyone is loving lately: Add a pattern to your accent wall using temporary wallpaper. This easily applied and removed feature is a huge trend these days. Ease of use is a plus, as it requires no water or paste. Think of it as a stylish look while you try something on for size before completely committing. Temporary wallpaper accents work great behind a headboard or in a room lacking any standout architectural features. A delicate floral pattern works well here or just go with the stripes trick. Just like clothing, stripe direction makes all the difference. Vertical stripes can make your ceiling look taller; horizontal stripes can make your room appear larger.


If you’re a fan of the tried and true single colored accent wall, then wall stencils are a suggestion to beef up your accent wall quite nicely, such as those by Royal Design Studio. Wall stencils utilize those neutral colors to highlight their pattern.

Tile or reclaimed wood are also bold statements for your accent wall. Reclaimed wood art is especially popular at the moment in home décor, as well as being environmentally conscious while also supporting the artists that create it. That’s a win all around!

For more great accent wall ideas and more for luxury, high end Naples and Boca Raton homes, consult with award-winning Clive Daniel designer Gina Kadah at Clive Daniel’s Naples showroom. We can help make your abode the dream home you’ve always envisioned.

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