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A vast number of homeowners agree that over the last decade or so the open floor plan has become a favorite over the traditional style of separated rooms in high-end luxury homes. They enjoy the feeling of having a “great room” in one’s home to let in more natural light, allow for better air and traffic flow, and give families more of an opportunity to interact and converse from different areas. When you’re ready to update your Naples or Boca Raton home featuring this layout, many opportunities exist to add even greater value to your investment.


Use your kitchen, the least flexible area of your home, to inspire your color and material choices for the rest of your open floor plan. Play off wood hues and paint colors from your cabinets, texture from your countertop, and color from your backsplash to help define ideas you’ll use for transforming the adjoining areas.


Try using different wall colors, while staying with a particular theme. Diane Henkler shares for Glidden some great tips using color in an open concept setup, starting with three similar colors chosen from a palette. A safe bet would be a dark, medium and light shade.

To help with your decision, Diane also suggests, “Homeowners should get a Post-it note pad and write down each of the three colors on a separate piece of paper and have three or four Post-it notes for each color. Then go around the rooms and place the color you think you would like to see on that wall. The corners where two walls meet are the best places to transition from one color to another. The far wall usually works well for the accent wall color.” Accent color also looks nice on kitchen backsplashes, on the backs of open cabinets, even on a piece of furniture.

Another great idea for a long wall that spans two areas like a kitchen and family room is to paint each space a different color, then add molding above a window or doorway along the wall to create a break. An accent wall works great in these instances as well.

Consistency in your colors is important to instill a sense of calm, adds well-known homebuilder and TV host Bob Vila. Your furnishings and accessories should complement the hues on the walls. The same goes for dishes if they’re on display in the kitchen.


How you light your rooms is always essential for optimal living, but in an open floor plan, high-end luxury lighting design is especially important. Install attention-grabbing ceiling fixtures to define dining and living areas, especially above that all-important hub, the kitchen island. Pendant lights are always a favorite for that high-end luxury feel. Finally, table and floor lamps will add an extra layer of coziness in your Boca Raton or Naples home.

The American Lighting Association recommends avoiding over-lighting in an open floor plan, encouraging us to think rather in layers: ambient, task, and accent lighting. For your ambient lights, try recessed, linear or flush mounts to guide the flow from room to room. Task lights like pendant or recessed lighting will illuminate work areas. In the living area, go for statement-making fixtures to add a little drama. Accent lighting like wall sconces in the dining area or table and floor lamps in the living area provide a touch of comfort and a soft ambiance.


Seamless floors are a smart choice for an open floor plan. An unbroken stretch of natural wood or tasteful tile provides a sleek starting point for the décor, while also allow flexibility for any further remodels in your home down the road. Define your zones instead with area rugs and high-end luxury furniture from Clive Daniel.


An easy way to tackle the large space in an open floor plan is to create a balanced look with your larger furniture pieces. Doubling up sofas for a lavish seating area and complementing it with a big dining table and matching chairs will instantly play up a symmetrical look and bring order to your room. From there, you can add touches of contrast, such as the rustic feel of mismatched trunks and desk and framed art in groupings of four to six pieces.

Our team of talented Clive Daniel interior designers can help you achieve the look you’re envisioning for your Naples or Boca Raton home. Contact award-winning designer Lisa Nieves in our Boca Raton showroom to help update your open floor plan home and make your remodel dreams come true. For more information, please reach out to Lisa at [email protected] or call 561-617-5540.