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With each visit to Clive Daniel Home, one discovers new offerings, inspiration, and services. Hidden gems abound throughout the store. A prime example of this is the Custom Shop, a unique area in the showroom that provides multiple customization options for a selection of our chests, dressers, desks, and buffets. You can browse the available options and pick out the exact hardware, trim, and panels to go on each piece. Want to add a specific wallpaper or grasscloth covering to the front drawers of a chest or dresser? That’s an option, too. 

The Custom Shop makes it easier than ever for customers to design their own pieces and create timeless, one-of-a-kind pieces for their homes.

It allows them to express themselves and their personal style in a way that is not possible at most furniture stores. It is the perfect solution for those who want to create a unique, personalized piece without having to order (and wait for) something 100% custom. 

According to Kris Kolar, Clive Daniel Home’s Vice President of Merchandising and Design, the Custom Shop is, in a sense, a return to the golden age of interior design. When she first began her career in the industry, customization options like this were popular and plentiful. Over time, however, she noticed these options beginning to diminish. “The industry standard went from, ‘Anything is possible!’ to, ‘What you see is what you get,’” she said. “At Clive Daniel Home, we’re swinging the pendulum back and bringing back all the fun possibilities.”

To learn more and see what options are available, you can visit Clive Daniel Home at either of our locations in Naples and Boca Raton. Our talented and award-winning designers can walk you step-by-step through the process of easily and quickly designing your own customized pieces. 

Founded in 2011 by father-son duo Clive and Daniel Lubner, Clive Daniel Home is Southwest Florida’s premier destination for luxury home furnishings and custom residential and commercial interior design services. Since its inception, the brand has won more than 430 awards for design excellence, including Best New Showroom in the USA. With an 85,000 square-foot flagship in Naples, a 70,000 square-foot showroom in Boca Raton, a 70,000 square-foot showroom in Sarasota, and a 50,000 square-foot showroom in Fort Myers. Clive Daniel Home offers an unparalleled mix of contemporary, traditional, and casual designs.