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Did you know the first wallpapers were used solely to decorate the inside of cupboards? Or that many early wallpapers featured stylized floral motifs and simple pictorial scenes copied from existing embroideries and other textiles, and were printed on small sheets of paper rather than rolls? Wallpaper design has certainly come a long way!

At a recent Women’s Council of Realtors event held at Clive Daniel Home this week, interior designer John Tweet gave a talk about the history of wallpaper, from its humble origins in the 16th century to its now ubiquitous popularity.

“The history of wallpaper is not just about changes in pattern and design,” Tweet said. “It is an amazing story of technology and ingenuity that parallels the changes in the patterns of consumption, as well as the tastes of the population.”

Following his talk, Joey Milgram of Jeffrey Michaels Wall Coverings took the floor and spoke about recent technological advances in wall coverings. Today’s wall coverings are seemingly available in every color, pattern, texture, and material imaginable. There are incredible options to choose from. Modern technologies have made it possible for digitally printed photographs to be made into wallpaper, for 3D glittery embellishments to be added, and for custom designs to be produced.

Clive Daniel Home’s showrooms in Naples and Boca Raton both feature extensive wall covering libraries with endless options. The company’s team of talented interior designers have used these different wall coverings in creative and varied ways, from using them to create accent walls, to transforming boring bathrooms, to adding visual depth to smaller spaces. Many designers have also applied wallpaper on ceilings to create an unexpected punch of pattern or impact. Since their invention, wall coverings have been able to transform entire homes, and their evolution will no doubt continue to bring exciting advancements.

To see more examples, please see our Portfolio.

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