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What does a designer pick first when designing a room? The perfect statement sofa? Unique artwork? Materials and fabrics?

For most interior designers, the answer is: backgrounds. Backgrounds include the walls, floor, and ceiling of a room and can have the biggest impact on the design’s overall aesthetic. Walls in particular can act like a blank canvas for the rest of the space. It’s no surprise, then, that these oft-neglected areas are a favorite feature for interior designers to transform.

“These are the treatments that make spaces stand out. Having a barreled ceiling and adding beams and details gives extra ‘frosting’ to the whole room,” said Clive Daniel Home interior designer Rebekah Errett-Pikosky in a recent interview with Sarasota Magazine.

She and her design partner, Charlie Hansen, have installed countless backgrounds throughout their career—each one more creative than the last. In the bedroom above, for instance, the client wanted something that would make it stand out, so the design duo created a decorative paneling for the wall in a unique diamond pattern. The room is beautiful on its own, but the added wall treatment takes the look to the next level.

Interior designers Susan Trivison and Kathy Monahan have also worked with clients who want their space to stand out. In the home pictured to the left, the two installed several custom wall designs—beginning right at the front door.  The home’s entrance features intricate wall detailing that adds immediate interest and depth, in addition to a beautiful tile pattern in the floor.

In the home’s bedroom, Susan and Kathy added classic shiplap paneling to the wall behind the bed. Though it’s a simple technique, it adds instant sophistication to the room and provides the perfect backdrop for their clean, modern luxe design.

Though these are just three examples, it should be clear how much a well-planned wall design can elevate a room. Additional options include board and batten, decorative millwork, tiling, custom built-ins, wallpaper, and more. The options are endless.

To see more examples of creative wall treatments, visit our online portfolio.

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