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Your investment into a high-end luxury home was well worth it. You’ve been enjoying your Naples or Boca Raton home, and its modern styling, for years. You enjoy it so much, in fact, that an update hasn’t crossed your mind in honestly, years. Maybe it’s a visiting grandchild that points out some outdated aspects of your fine Florida home, then it dawns on you that it may be time to freshen things up a bit.

Just to be perfectly clear, modern looks are different from contemporary in that they have a fresher, newer design generally associated with more recently built real estate. The term “modern” doesn’t actually refer to the ultra-new homes being built currently. Homes with a modern motif date in style circa the mid-twentieth century and the peak of the modern art movement where ideas tended to shift away from art deco toward a more retro and simplistic style with a nod toward solid colors over patterns a more machine-made quality, says Mark Cutler, owner of Los Angeles-based Mark Cutler Designs.

While they may be synonymous in key regards, contemporary and modern stand on their own when it comes to interior design. To catch you up on the two styles, we’ll first take a quick look at both.

  • Modern Interior Design consists of many different versions, making it a bit more difficult to define. In its simplest sense, modern design refers to the reflection of modern art movements in the interiors of a home. Modern style concepts utilize old European architecture and design principles to present simple looks. This stripped-down style focuses on the use of neutral materials and calm, earthy colors while eliminating unnecessary detailing.
  • Contemporary interior design styles include hints of color while placing focus on the use of monochromatic colors and pattern-free fabrications set in whitewashed rooms.
  • Color palettes are one of the most distinct elements separating contemporary from modern design. Where contemporary interior design styles tend to stick to a stricter palate of black & white and grey, often earthy colors can be brought in to offer pure and saturated tones against the basic hues. Think colors like indigo, red, and orange. Modern design colors start with that base, then also incorporate natural hues and shades of turquoise, brown, rust, and greens.

The popularity contest is a hotly debated one, as contemporary interior design styles of today generally incorporate key notes from modern interior design styles. In fact, the two have many similarities, as both tend to favor a simple, minimal, and edited look featuring clean and sleek lines.

In order to successfully incorporate them both in your high-end luxury Florida home, start with personal preference, as you should. Just remember the difference between the two before commissioning an interior designer to do a modern motif when deep down contemporary is your preference. In order to successfully update your contemporary interior design with modern touches, just base your decision on whether you want your home to reflect the here and now, or the elements of a specific period. Knowing what you want ahead of time should help you reach a conclusion more quickly.

Enjoy the fact that both aesthetics are minimal, showing a sophisticated and timeless elegance. They also both favor the open floor plan for a simultaneously airy and comfortable living space. Modernizing your contemporary look also incorporates furnishings featuring reflective surfaces like exposed glass and metals, as well as plenty of natural wooden materials. Enjoy touches like end tables with a metal base to architectural beams and raw reclaimed wooden tabletops in your updated contemporary high end luxury home.

Your newly modernized, contemporary home should be a place of happiness and tranquility, whether for you and your family or reflected in a buyer’s tastes. Our Clive Daniel Home team of interior designers can help you modernize your contemporary home easily significantly and get it ready for what the future holds. Contact Ann Marinelli Del Pero, Award-winning interior designer in our Naples showroom for more great ideas at [email protected] or call 239.919.0633.