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It’s hard to believe that at one time the home office was considered a mere add-on for your luxury, high-end home, especially since the majority of us have been the “work from home” type, whether or not we wanted to, for months on end. Think about it, your Naples or Boca Raton home is your castle, and when it’s your office too, might as well do it right with the best that’s out there.

Finding the perfect mix of comfort, functionality, and aesthetics is the main task for your interior designer when assembling your luxury, high-end home office. The ability to provide this balance within the most sought-after interior styles is the ultimate challenge for 2021, keeping an eye out for some of the key trends happening in home office design and tech. Let’s get to it; your next deadline awaits!


When planning the lighting for your home office, by all means use those windows! Natural light is optimal in any lighting situation. Your Clive Daniel Home designer will customize the design to allow for angles of natural light through the day and avoid glare from your computer and other screens, as the appropriate treatment is necessary for your windows to optimize your office. Shutters or light-colored blinds will allow the homeowner to control the amount of light coming in as needed. Consider installing a skylight. In your Naples or Boca Raton home. This could not only add more inviting natural light to your workspace, but can also increase resale value of the home itself. Otherwise, consider a purpose-designed desk lamp for the best lighting.


Having the latest tech working smoothly and efficiently should be top of mind. Starting with a lightning-fast 5G connection if available, your Smart Home needs a Smart office! Here are some ideas for your luxury high-end home oasis, ahem, office:

A worthy investment would be the ultrawide monitor from LG, which provides plenty of space for two screens to coexist within one. It also looks quite impressive in your luxury, high-end office, we must say. Further monitor trends have also decreed that your computer screen should be cleverly designed and placed to create layers of privacy without closing off a space completely, while also providing a great way to add a decorative pattern or movement into your WFH office.

Technology now exists to create screens made from a variety of materials, from rich fabrics to mirrors and textured metals to create screens and dividers that double as décor. Consider incorporating a foldable Bluetooth keyboard into the mix, which pairs wonderfully with that ultra-modern screen. Noise-canceling Bose headphones will cap off your home office tech experience, effectively shutting out distractions.

Ergonomics continue to be a big trend in 2021, as standing desks are among the favorites, now that technology has evolved to easily and efficiently convert a desk from sitting to standing with the touch of a button.


Sometimes we love to state the obvious. Can’t really have an office without these two. A corner desk may be just the thing to fit precisely into your WFH area, however, your interior designer will know what fits and looks the best in your Naples or Boca Raton home. Most luxury, high-end desks feature handy wire channels to keep your cord situation in check and cleanly hidden. Ergonomics continue to be a big trend in 2021, as standing desks are among the favorites, now that technology has evolved to easily and efficiently convert a desk from sitting to standing with the touch of a button.

When you and your designer plan your fitted cabinet layout and shelving, make sure to suggest leaving enough room for displaying items that aren’t necessarily work-related, which will help to keep your life/work-flow in balance. A dedicated spot for treasured books and ornaments will further help create a space that you desire to be in, besides having to be in.

Your desk chair provides the ultimate key to comfort in your luxury, high-end home office, providing the necessary support for your health and alignment while you focus on your work. Some are even bypassing the chair completely, opting for a stool to encourage “active sitting”. Discuss health and comfort options with your designer to make the best decision for you.

Our award-winning interior design team at Clive Daniel Home has the experience to customize your home office to perfection. Give Lori Gilman in our Boca Raton office a call at 561-617-5537 or email [email protected] and create the home office of your dreams.