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The finishing touches for an interior design project are key for tying a room’s design together and making the space live-in ready. Your Clive Daniel Home interior designer can envision the end product, and add those touches that make your luxury, high-end abode feel not only complete, but warm, inviting and familiar, like home should be. Your Naples or Boca Raton residence may be your winter getaway, or its slowly but surely becoming your main address over time. Either way, when you step through the door, it should be a place where you instantly feel at home. Its those finishing touches that can make all the difference. They are often also just the thing needed to effortlessly refresh a room with an upgrade whenever you crave change.

There is so much opportunity to be creative and adventurous when it comes to selecting and placing accessories. They really are a gateway to a playful and layered design.

Whether it’s art or accessories, a lot of knowing exactly what finishing touches a room needs, comes down to that gut feeling from a designer’s perspective. Comments designer Elizabeth Krueger for, “You step back, reflect on the space, and just know something needs to be added or modified. It’s like almost any other creative process — you know when you’ve reached the final product, and you know when you haven’t.”

Going it alone can be fun for the challenge, but oftentimes you need expert advice to get the balance just right and achieve that finished room look without overdoing it. Leave it to the experts to coordinate those finishing touches.

Look around your luxury, high-end home and ask yourself if any part of it is too bare, too neutral, or just not consistent with the rest of your layout. Things like books, trays, throw pillows, candles and vases are some of the accents designers use. “We look at the areas in need of filling or added depth, texture, and/or color,” adds Krueger, “There is so much opportunity to be creative and adventurous when it comes to selecting and placing accessories. They really are a gateway to a playful and layered design.”

You could approach it this way: Think about what’s currently missing in the space. Once you identify what that might be, work with your designer to build from there. Get creative and play around. Mix and match, place items in unusual ways and see how it feels. When it comes to accessorizing your Naples or Boca Raton home, nothing has to be permanent. Try things out until you discover a final assortment and arrangement that works. Start your treasure hunt at Clive Daniel Home’s in store boutique or online at Clive Daniel Home boutique for the most unique pieces.

It’s hard to go wrong with fresh flowers and plants. There’s nothing like a slice of the tropical Florida outside to brighten up the inside, be it a brightly colored orchid in a gorgeous vase or majesty palm placed in an artisan floor pot to make a corner arrangement pop. If you prefer to design according to Feng Shui, palms are a must-have.

In your initial arrangement, your designer will most likely prefer to keep furniture pieces neutral, as accent color can easily be changed every couple of years. Montreal-based company Les Ensembliers recommends swapping out pillows as a quick, easy way to refresh. This would be an easy way to follow color trends as they are updated each year. Their favorite finishing touch is plain and simple: art, art and more art!

Think about how that finishing touch will create an unexpected pleasure upon entering the room for the first time. It might be a texture thing, like a sisal wall-to-wall rug, statement lamps and mirror, or crown moldings for an upscale, formal look. Often, one or two statement items are all that’s needed to do the trick. Organic and simple quite often works better than too decorative in a luxury high-end Florida home.

You don’t want your luxury high-end home to look like its not lived in, even if its only lived in a few months out of the year. Accessories like books, objects and personal items like family photographs solve that conundrum. If you have a collection like say, mid-century pottery, have your designer feature some of those pieces, which work both as a finishing touch and as a personal item to dress up the look.

Clive Daniel Home’s exceptional interior design team, featuring the award-winning Michael Scott, are experts in adding the extras to your Naples or Boca Raton home. Give Michael a call in our Naples showroom, 239-213-7817, or email [email protected], and add just the right finishing touch to your home.