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Nicholas Kadlec

Nicholas Kadlec

Interior Designer

I love being able to create spaces and styles as unique as all the places I’ve worked in.

Nicholas Kadlec began his career in landscape design in Cleveland, OH. After working in the landscape space for more than a decade, he found his services venturing more and more from outside the home to the inside. After outfitting clients’ homes with Christmas decor and florals, for instance, he would often receive requests from them to help make their homes look just as good after the season.

Nicholas went on to formally study interior design at Orange Coast College and then began to work as a designer at several prominent design firms and retailers. To date, his favorite project involved designing a penthouse on Palm Beach Island for a luxury vacation rental. The entire five-bedroom home was renovated and installed in a week—during the challenges and setbacks of Covid, no less. He even maintained a positive relationship with the client and went on to help furnish several more properties of theirs as well.

No matter the project, Nicholas’ favorite part of interior design is being able to create spaces and styles that are as unique as their locations. He has worked on projects across the country—from Orange, CA to Shaker Heights, OH to Palm Beach, FL—and has enjoyed the challenges and opportunities of each.

When he’s not invested in his interior and landscape designs, Nicholas can be found swimming, at the beach, exercising, or cruising.

PHONE: 440-465-6744
EMAIL: [email protected]