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Kyle-Lynn Blaise

Kyle-Lynn Blaise

Interior Designer, Hospitality

I believe people deserve to live in a beautiful world, inside and outside.

Kyle-Lynn Blaise is highly experienced in all aspects of design, especially commercial furniture design. She earned her bachelor’s of science degree in interior design from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and began her career working as a designer soon afterward for several local design firms.

“I chose a career in interior design because I have a passion for building spaces and communities for people,” she says. “I love the process of creating spaces that bring light into the lives of those who dwell there. I am driven to provide people with an inspiring, comfortable, joyful place to live, work, and simply enjoy.”

One of Kyle-Lynn’s favorite projects involved preparing construction documents for the interior design of Kearney High School. Not only was also an opportunity for her to give back to her community, but it was also a sizable and challenging project. She loves the process of taking ideas, parts, and pieces, and creating a tangible and unified space.

Often, Kyle-Lynn finds design inspiration in nature, and she loves spending as much time outside as possible when she’s not working—whether that looks like going to the beach, shelling, or playing games and sports with her family.

PHONE: 308-240-1263
EMAIL: [email protected]