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Design trends are constantly evolving and though many styles have come and gone, coastal contemporary has remained a popular choice for designers, particularly here in Florida. Even those living inland can’t help but appreciate the beauty of the beach—from its soft, sandy shores and glittering waters, to the gentle sway of the surrounding palms and coconut trees.

It’s no surprise that interior designers find inspiration in the colors and textures found in the sun, sand, and sea when designing modern homes. These coastal design trends reflect the beauty and tranquility that the beach has to offer. Florida’s abundant sunshine and natural beauty work together to lend a laid-back vibe, full of bright, inviting tones of blues and greens, as well as sun-kissed earthy hues. As such, designers often incorporate a mix of light, fresh elements with modern simplicity into coastal contemporary designs.

One of the characteristics of this design style is the incorporation of local materials, textures, and plants, used in creative and unique ways. For example, saltwater-friendly tropical plants like palms and hibiscus can be used as decor or to create barriers for sun, wind, and rain. 

Another trend in coastal contemporary design is the use of large, sliding glass doors that open up onto patios and pool areas in order to enjoy fresh breezes and natural sunlight. Incorporation of ample natural light helps to brighten the interiors, adding visual space and warmth to the area. Furthermore, playing around with different types of light can help add to the overall ambiance of the space. From vertical lamps, to sconces, or colorful pendants, any lighting design chosen should aim to create a warm and inviting glow throughout the space.

In addition to natural light, indoor-outdoor living spaces see a shift into more functional spaces, from daybeds for lounging poolside or on the beach, to alfresco bars and full-sized outdoor kitchens for culinary adventures with friends and family. This alone, perhaps out of all of the coastal design trends, is one that truly captures the essence of resort-style living.

Living spaces should be infused with bright, airy tones of blue or natural sandy hues with dazzling white-washed walls and ceilings. Moreover, both natural and man-made artwork may be considered for creating a finished look as well. Large, semi-custom area rugs are often added to anchor the modern pieces, while uniquely shaped coffee tables, low profile sofas, and chairs complete the casual design aesthetic.

To sum up, incorporating the coastal contemporary design trend into your home can help you imbue your life with an idyllic sense of beachiness that makes every day feel like a vacation. From natural materials, to airy spaces filled with cheerful color, and down to the smallest decorative details, there are plenty of ways to express this style to its fullest potential that will complement Florida’s unique natural beauty.

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