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Wall art is one of the most crucial elements of interior design and can often make or break a room. It can be used to lighten or darken a space, create a focal point, add texture, and contribute to the overall mood of the design. Paintings and photographs are one obvious option but make up just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to adding visual interest to one’s walls. 

Below are four of Clive Daniel Home interior designers’ favorite creative background ideas: 

Artistic Wall Coverings

Never underestimate the power of a good wall covering. No matter what look one is going for, a wall covering can help achieve it. With unlimited colors and prints available—from modern graphics to artistic murals—wall coverings can provide immediate effect. 

In this home, interior designers Ron Nowfel and Kay Craynon transformed the feel of the entire staircase with the addition of a porcelain blue Phillip Jeffries wall covering, which creates a dramatic, immersive backdrop showcasing large-scale blossoming magnolia branches with a painterly touch. Accented by four handmade Michael Aram Cocoon pendant lamps, the wall creates an enchanting space all its own. 

3D Wall Paneling

When it comes to architectural paneling, the design options are endless. Whether one wants traditional molding or an abstract geometric design, Clive Daniel Home interior designers can bring all different visions to life. 

In this home office, interior designer Faith Ashley created a layered wood feature wall with a metallic background. The result is simply striking, and fulfilled her client’s request for a “wow” factor in each room. 

Creative Tiling

Most tend to relegate tile to kitchens and bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a gorgeous addition to other areas of the home as well. 

Interior design duo Charlie Hansen and Rebekah Errett-Pikosky often incorporate beautiful tiling in their designs, as seen here in the living room of a recent project. Two different-sized tiles in stark black and pearlescent white alternate to create a lineal feature wall that adds contrast and a modern feel to the entire room.

High-Impact Backsplash

Just because backsplash is a functional feature meant to protect walls from spills doesn’t mean it can’t also make a design statement. In fact, it’s often one of the first things noticed in the kitchen. 

This home, designed by Sherie Weidner, has a kitchen and coffee bar that display a stunning black and white Euclid tile backsplash, accented by black and white cabinetry and gold accents and hardware. It not only complements the room, but makes the room. 

Though these are just four examples, it should be clear that there are endless opportunities to elevate a room with a well-planned wall design. Additional options could include dramatic mirrors, gallery walls, shiplap, custom built-ins, and more.

To see more examples of creative wall treatments, visit our online portfolio.

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