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It’s safe to say the dining room is one of the most underrated parts of your Naples or Boca Raton home. In months past, you may have used it somewhat infrequently, whenever guests stopped by or for extended family dinners. In today’s climate, there’s a solid chance that your dining room has become your WFH office and preferred spot for virtual happy hours. You may actually enjoy an occasional meal or two in the dining room, but it’s all too likely that now you are having most of your meals either around the kitchen island or on your couch while bingeing your latest streaming obsession.

Your dining room is at a definitive crossroads at the moment, so why not redecorate it? Think of it as a vote of optimism and a sign of returning to somewhat normalcy when you entertain a (gasp) group of friends and family, hopefully sooner than later. Let’s get that dining room ready for the big show, or at least more functionality in the meantime.

Focusing on the theme of new beginnings, trends in dining room décor are pointing to an update that is festive, happy and carefree. Easy changes to accomplish this include new table linens, centerpieces or wall art. A quick coat of paint, especially in a new color, will also give the room a new perspective.

Natural materials like rattan, woven seagrass and wicker are proving fashionable once again in a variety of dining room applications, from furniture and lighting to accessories and window treatments, indicates Amy Leferink for Marble is also demonstrating to be a both useful and functional material for the dining area. Its durability plus the variety of marble colors provides a beautiful array of colors and grains to match the theme.

Another option homeowners are considering in these pandemic times is taking dinner outside with a grand outdoor dining space, thereby offering the option to repurpose the indoor dining room entirely. In weather-appropriate areas, you can install a greenhouse-like outdoor dining area where lush potted and vine plants are ornately placed lining a naturally-lit room. Dining outdoors never felt so in touch with nature! Consider a live edge dining room table for this space, which offers the rustic natural look of freshly cut wood with the smooth finish of a beautiful functional table. Live edge tables come in sizes to suit all sorts of dining room floor plans and to further accentuate the concept, they are also made from rare wood.

Focusing on the theme of new beginnings, trends in dining room décor are pointing to an update that is festive, happy and carefree.

Other hot dining room trends for luxury, high end homes include accentuating the head and foot of the table with a different colored chair, using pendant lights in multiples or installing a grand stand-out chandelier or suspended dining table lights. Envision the statement these would make in Naples and Boca Raton homes with ultra-high ceilings. Also consider using color in unexpected ways, such as an eye-catching red globe pendant light set to add a pop of color to a neutral scheme. In larger dining rooms you can add swathes of color to your floor and walls or go the other extreme with an elegant black and mahogany motif completed by a shining gold finish chandelier. Add a stylish sideboard and sparkling mirror on the wall behind it to your dining area or if space permits, even a fireplace.

With so many ways to design your luxury, high-end dining room, turn to the professionals at Clive Daniel Home to help you get the most out of your space. From our showrooms featuring the latest in furniture and accessories to award-winning interior design professionals such as Nubia Rosa in our Boca Raton location, we’ve got a multitude of ideas to put together the dining room of your dreams. Give Nubia a call at 561-440-4663 or email [email protected] to get started.