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Fashion and interiors go hand-in-hand. From the selection of textures and colors to the combination of woven textiles and knits, and the unexpected pairings of new and vintage, the worlds of fashion and interior design could be considered two sides of the same coin. Both truly have the power to transform their surroundings and captivate the mind.

It’s no surprise then that fashion and interior design often inspire and influence each other. Trends from the catwalk find their way into homes in the most surprising of ways—and vice versa. When creating Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2021 collection, for example, designer Nicolas Ghesquière took inspiration from a Clive Daniel Home favorite: Fornasetti. He blended Louis Vuitton’s forward-looking creativity and craft with the Italian design atelier’s magical depictions and motifs of the past. The resulting garments feature a rich combination of colors and textures, as well as traditional and cutting-edge techniques including jacquard, embroidery, and laser printing.

Several of the looks are reminiscent of Clive Daniel Home interiors, but one in particular stands out. Crisp white pants and an elongated black tunic create a simple base that allows a voluminous gold jacket emblazoned with Fornasetti faces to shine. The look is simultaneously classic and edgy. Likewise, this Aurora Award-winning dining room by Sherie Weidner and Laura Giles with Imperial Homes is a balanced blend of neutral backgrounds—white walls, oak floors, structured architectural details—amid eye-catching gold embellishments. The floor-to-ceiling glass wall separating the formal dining space from the kitchen adds a sense of height and visual interest, while an Adriana Hoyos dining table and chairs add a traditional touch to an otherwise modern space. A geometric chandelier and printed drapes complete the look. It not only features a similar color palette, textures, and attention to detail as the ensemble, but perfectly captures its air of structured glamour.

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Founded in 2011 by father-son duo Clive and Daniel Lubner, Clive Daniel Home is Southwest Florida’s premier destination for luxury home furnishings and custom residential and commercial interior design services. Since its inception, the brand has won more than 430 awards for design excellence, including Best New Showroom in the USA. With an 85,000 square-foot flagship in Naples, a 70,000 square-foot showroom in Boca Raton, a 70,000 square-foot showroom in Sarasota, and a 50,000 square-foot showroom in Fort Myers. Clive Daniel Home offers an unparalleled mix of contemporary, traditional, and casual designs.