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As the general populace is spending more time at home, we are looking to expand our livable space, so now more than ever, time spent outdoors should be pleasant and memorable. Comfortable, soft, design-forward outdoor textiles are essential in order to create an enjoyable outdoor oasis, and Clive Daniel interior designers will help you create the perfect outdoor living space.

Outdoor textiles, also known as “performance fabrics”, have become commonplace in upholstery lines for outdoor use in summer 2020. These fabrics repel spills and stains, and are great for high end luxury homes in Naples and Boca Raton, Florida, where outdoor living is appreciated to its fullest. Families enjoying an active lifestyle, especially those with pets, especially welcome the durability and long life of these fabrics.

Thankfully, outdoor fabric quality and durability have drastically improved over the past few years. It’s now so good, in fact, that more and more furniture manufacturers are utilizing outdoor textiles for indoor use as well. Consumers can now find many new textures and unique weaves to choose from.

These new fabrics are rated for 2500-3500 direct sunlight hours, which is almost double of the lifespan of fabrics from a couple years ago. This is welcome news to Florida homeowners, whose outdoor furniture must be able to hold up to the extreme weather conditions present in our subtropical Florida paradise, like summer wind, rain and extreme heat. Performance fabrics also stand up to the inevitable spills and stains that come with the fun of outdoor time. Savvy high end luxury interior designers with textile companies like Sunbrella, Outdura, Bella-Dura and Al Fresco are matching performance fabric with a swath of colors to bring an enticing feel to your patio and poolside motif this summer.

Sarah Dooley, Director of Upholstery at Sunbrella, shares that her team gathers inspiration and information from other industries along with general cultural observations that they integrate into new patterns, colors and textures when creating their designs. Interior designers often turn to companies with this knowledge when planning the perfect outdoor living space for homeowners.

Outdoor fabric trends for 2020 include an exciting array of colors, from fiery flamingo to mellow mushroom, says Summer Classics. Cajun is one of the hotter hues this year, with shades of bright orange, pink, stripes and splashes of bold color available in attention-getting patterns. Flamingo is a popular shade as well, as designers look at tropical environs such as southwest Florida for plays on the color pink. Mallard green and mustard yellow are trending this year as well in exciting patterns of mosaic and stripes.

Dooley enthuses, “I am particularly drawn to our new Dimension collection, which features bold colors and large-scale patterns with designs that create movement. Through unexpected color combinations and complex weave structures, Dimension offers a new perspective on how to layer fabrics to create an outdoor space that offers a range of visual and tactile texture.”

Sustainability in outdoor textile creation is an important focus trending this year, where textile makers are striving to create high end luxury fabrics, which in turn means a longer lifespan and less waste with the leftovers. On the other end of this effort is a new twist in sustainability that Sunbrella has created with their Renaissance Program. By recycling and reusing leftover fabric and thread, they now have an entirely new environmentally conscious line of outdoor fabrics.

Fabrics that work both indoor and outdoor are a big deal for 2020. Where decorative outdoor fabrics are designed for “occasional” seasonal use, indoor fabrics like what covers your couch can withstand everyday use. Demand has grown for these soft, supple, often faux leather upholstery fabrics that work both indoors and in your lanai. Fabric experts Sailrite shares a partial list of the many companies that now offer these dual use fabrics:

  • Covington SPF
  • Fortress®Performance
  • P/Kaufmann Outdoor Fabrics
  • EverSoft
  • Ultraleather®
  • Promessa

Stop by the Clive Daniel showrooms in Naples and Boca Raton, or visit us online for some great outdoor furniture ideas for your staycation and backyard gatherings this summer or contact Tanner Villani, Award Winning Interior Designer in our Boca Raton Showroom. Reach out to Tanner at [email protected] or call (561) 440-4663.