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As we look forward to 2021, Clive Daniel Home is excited to announce that we are expanding our collection to feature the exquisite Fortuny line of furnishings, textiles and fabrics for your luxury high-end interior design desires. Highly regarded globally, the Fortuny line is of the finest quality, with a rich history and tradition dating back to its beginnings in old world Italy. Available Exclusively at Clive Daniel Home – Naples.

Established in early 20th century Venice by noted artist, inventor, and designer Mariano Fortuny, the company that bears his name and legacy continues to produce some of the finest printed fabrics in the world in the very factory where it began, on the same machines, using the same secret process and techniques developed by Fortuny himself, passed down from generation to generation.

Fortuny’s patented printing technique, a well-kept secret since its development over a century ago, has resulted in both traditional and modern designs in floral, geometric, damask, and tribal motifs. Many of these patterns were drawn by Fortuny himself and are often sought out by clients today in luxury high end homes worldwide. Clive Daniel Home is proud to feature the Fortuny line in Naples, Florida.

the Fortuny line is of the finest quality, with a rich history and tradition dating back to its beginnings in old world Italy.

The son of artists, it should serve as no surprise that Mariano Fortuny naturally had the creative touch. Fabrics aside, his inventions were something of legend as well. Patenting more than 20 innovations in the space of 30 years (Wikipedia), Fortuny was also a successful lighting engineer in the theatre realm, where he discovered that reflecting light off different surfaces could change the color, intensity and other properties. His indirect lighting technique discoveries resulted in his invention of the Fortuny cyclorama dome, which could be used to create extensive skyscapes and backdrops for theatrical and operatic productions. He also applied electricity (a relatively new invention itself at the time) to add functions like being able to fold and unfold the dome for maximum ease of use, as well as a suction fan to keep the structure taut. Fortuny also created a lamp that could be used for indoor lighting onstage. Called the Fortuny Moda lamp, this design is still popular today as a floor lamp for luxury, high-end homes.

Fortuny was also a well-known fashion designer, inventing a dress made of finely pleated silk weighed down by glass beads that held its shape. He also manufactured his own dyes and pigments using ancient methods which were then printed on velvets and silk using a press that, yes, he also conceived. It’s no surprise that Fortuny’s dresses are seen as fine works of art and to this day are housed in museums and personal collections.

Fortuny’s namesake company continues to be a pioneer in the world of design and innovation while remaining steadfastly committed to their unparalleled legacy of quality fabrics, as well as the furniture and accessories created with them. Holding to Mariano Fortuny’s legacy, every Fortuny fabric created today is unique, honoring his love for the past and respect for tradition, the essence of inspiration for his unbridled creativity over 100 years ago.

In the interior design world, it is a given that every great print needs the complement of an equally magnificent solid. Purveyors of the Fortuny line can be rest assured to find an ample selection of just the right solid in cloth like velvet, wool, linen, and sheer to pair with their exquisitely printed patterns. The Fortuny collection is also comprised of mohair velvets, cashmere/silk velvets, and striped and solid wools in a delightful array of Fortuny colors, making it easy to create harmony in the interiors of luxury high-end homes. Made from the highest quality fibers artisanally produced specifically to Fortuny’s original color palette, their fabrics are sure to provide that pop of color or the quiet moment you are looking for to complete your design.

We look forward, as the exclusive provider of Fortuny is South Florida, to sharing the Fortuny line with discerning Clive Daniel Home clients. Contact Rebekah Errett- Pikowsky in our Naples showroom, 239-213-0706 or [email protected], for expertise in all things Fortuny for your luxury, high-end home in Naples and Boca Raton.