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Consistently, the most popular place to be in the home is the kitchen, closely followed by the bathroom for well, obvious reasons. In your luxury high-end home design, only the finest top-of-the-line functionality and appearance will do, so let’s take a look at what’s in demand today with regard to the top kitchen and bath plumbing fixture trends. As you embark on new construction or a kitchen/bath remodel for your Naples or Boca Raton home, we’ll help you choose the finest fixtures to work both effectively and sustainably, while showing off your great taste as well.


Be it your kitchen or bath, faucets are not only practical, they can also be pieces of art.

“From coast to coast, we are seeing a rapid shift in faucet style preferences, with the market moving away from traditional styles and toward contemporary silhouettes and finishes,” says Celine Marcotte, business development manager at luxury faucet company GRAFF for She adds that living finishes, which age over time, are immensely popular for 2020/2021, along with Brushed Brass, Gunmetal and Rose Gold.

Faucet industry standard Kohler has also gotten into the custom finish arena, affirms company designer Eric Moore,  “The new finish uses an innovative technique that melds two vibrant metal finishes together to render a subtle but striking transition from light to dark.” He adds that Vibrant® Ombré, one of the most popular finishes, uses Kohler’s proprietary physical vapor deposition process (PVD) to create a scratch- and tarnish-resistant surface.

Delta faucets senior product manager Peggy Gallagher shares that a growing trend in faucet design showcases increased functionality and innovative ways to incorporate technology, “We are always exploring better ways to live with water, and we also understand that consumers are looking for a faucet to be part kitchen faucet, part ‘kitchen assistant.’” She further explains that consumers want advanced functionality, unique spray patterns and either touch or hands-free activation.” Smart Home innovations like voice-activated functionality has been incorporating the latter lately as well.


But what about a proper kitchen sink for all that at-home cooking taking place as of late? You’ll want a deep one that can easily accommodate large pots. Or take it a step further and install a two-sink setup where one can be for washing vegetables while the other holds the dishes. Sink placement is critical to the busy at-home setup as well. A central location between the stove and refrigerator with counters in between could serve you well, or if there is an island or available counter space, install your sink right across from the stove so you can turn from one to the other with a single step.

Be it your kitchen or bath, faucets are not only practical, they can also be pieces of art.

Kraus stainless steel sinks are a top pick for both functionality and luxury appeal, with a commercial grade satin finish and indestructible dent-resistant construction. Ruvati’s stainless steel sink, also a favorite for luxury high-end homes, is a workstation ledge undermount complete with solid wood cutting board and built-in stainless steel colander. If a large workspace is more your style, Comllen makes a gorgeous stainless steel farmhouse sink that easily fits all the pots, pans, and dishes from holiday family gatherings.


We couldn’t discuss kitchen and bathroom plumbing with mentioning the focal point of every powder room. Your luxury, high-end home should feature the latest in toilet bowl technology, so look no further than Japan where engineers have successfully, and skillfully, incorporated bidet function into the system. The Toto Washlet G400 is a leading combination toilet/bidet combo offering an extremely comfortable seat designed at Universal Height for a wide range of users. From here the experience goes completely futuristic:

When you walk up to the toilet, the sensor will detect your movement and open the toilet seat lid for you. Its built-in deodorizer starts to work as soon as you sit down, at which point a pre-mist will wet the bowl for ease of content flush. After you stand up, the toilet will flush and the lid will close automatically. Does it get any better? This commode of the future also has a heated seat with adjustable temperature and customizable bidet spray. The Toto Neorest 700H takes it even further with a nightlight, e-water sanitation system that auto-enables after every flush and a dual flushing system that saves significantly more water.

When you’re looking for the latest kitchen and bath plumbing and fixture trends, turn to Clive Daniel Home. Our award-winning interior design team works with you to bring your home design dreams to life. Call Todd Stevenson, one of our Naples interior designers, at 239-213-7809 or email [email protected] to make every room of your luxury high end Naples or Boca Raton home a dream come true.