Creating the perfect balance of traditional and modern décor is one of the most challenging design tricks to master, but also one of the most important. At Clive Daniel Home, we meet countless men and women who moved to Florida from Manhattan or Chicago or Los Angeles, and who want to create bright, beautiful, coastal-inspired spaces for their new life here, but don’t know how to do so with their existing furniture.

Thankfully, our talented team of interior designers in Naples and Boca Raton know how to mix different design styles with ease. According to CDH interior designer Robin Garceau, “Most antiques will work in any modern setting.” She adds, however, that scale is important.

“With any type of design composition, you need to make sure you complement each piece that surrounds it.”

In addition to scale, other factors to be mindful of when mixing styles include:

Color. Utilizing a cohesive color palette goes a long way to help blend styles. If you have a traditional sofa, for instance, choosing more modern armchairs in the same shade as the sofa will help visually tie them together.

Quality. It’s also important to keep the quality of a room’s décor consistent. “Modern pieces need to be classic and more upscale in order to be elevated to most antiques’ quality,” says Robin. “Trendy or bargain-priced furniture or art will read cheap next to them.”

Quantity. Don’t overdo it! Traditional pieces and antiques have stories behind them. Having too many in one room can dilute their impact and distract from the overall design.

Repetition. When mixing furniture, repetition is another great trick to utilize. Even if you have a room that mixes midcentury, Scandinavian, and traditional pieces, it will look put together if similar pieces and patterns are repeated. A set of repeating traditional dining chairs next to a modern dining table (or vice versa), for instance, can create a sense of continuity.

Ultimately, where there’s a will, there’s a way. “There is a reason you bought pieces from that small town in Italy or a beautiful antique from the Loire Vally in France,” says Robin. “Don’t hide them in a closet or drawer. It doesn’t matter how small or large they are… design around them!”

No matter what you have and no matter your style is—whether you want to create a coastal contemporary oasis or upscale modern retreat—Clive Daniel Home designers can help you create the home of your dreams. Head to our portfolio to see some of our most recent design masterpieces.