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Designing a home office is a delicate art. While a well-designed space can foster productivity and functionality, a poorly designed space can lead to distractions, and ultimately, hinder workflow. The perfect home office is the right mix of comfortable, interesting, and energizing. At Clive Daniel Home, our team of interior designers can help create a space that is both beautiful and inspiring.

Here are some of their top tips:

First, find a removed, quiet space.

Finding the right space for a home office is the most important decision. Great design can do wonders to help enhance concentration, but it has its limits. If an office is placed in a loud, high-traffic area of the home, then there is not much one can do to prevent distractions. The goal is to create as few work interruptions as possible.

Prioritize natural lighting.

Natural lighting has been proven to help people feel more energized and inspired. It helps shield glare from computer screens, thus preventing eyestrain and headaches, as well as the need for frequent visual breaks.

Consider storage.

Smart storage is essential in a home office. Custom built-ins, bookcases, and cabinets enable one to have all his or her equipment within reach but out of sight—not only making workflow smoother, but also decreasing clutter and increasing one’s mood.

Choose comfortable furniture.

The desk is the focal point of the home office, so it will be a big factor in the overall design of the space. It should be well-proportioned, fit the aesthetic, and feel comfortable. The chair, too, should be chosen with great care given how much it is used. High-end, ergonomic pieces help support the spine and relax the shoulders and are well worth the investment.

Make it personal.

Too much décor can be distracting, but so too can bare walls. A bit of art, accessories, or plants can help fill in blank space without pulling too much focus away from one’s work. Plus, incorporating small pieces that are meaningful add a personal touch.

If you’re ready to revamp your own home office, Clive Daniel Home has the furniture and interior designers to help. Visit one of our showrooms in Naples, Boca Raton, Sarasota, or Fort Myers to learn more.

Founded in 2011 by father-son duo Clive and Daniel Lubner, Clive Daniel Home is Southwest Florida’s premier destination for luxury home furnishings and custom residential and commercial interior design services. Since its inception, the brand has won more than 430 awards for design excellence, including Best New Showroom in the USA. With an 85,000 square-foot flagship in Naples, a 70,000 square-foot showroom in Boca Raton, a 70,000 square-foot showroom in Sarasota, and a 50,000 square-foot showroom in Fort Myers. Clive Daniel Home offers an unparalleled mix of contemporary, traditional, and casual designs.