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It’s nearly Thanksgiving, which marks the start of the holiday season. With so many opportunities for intimate gatherings and at-home entertaining ahead, it’s imperative to make sure your home is equipped with everything you need. For instance, do you have the centerpieces and decorations to add the desired character and mood to your space? When hosting, table décor is a crucial element that helps provide an interesting tablescape that suits the theme—whether elegant, light-hearted, modern, maximalist, etc.

If you’re running a little behind this week and still need some décor inspiration, look no further than Clive Daniel Home. In addition to our exclusive offering of furniture, rugs, and lighting, we also carry one-of-a-kind accessories, dinnerware, and centerpieces—not to mention, a team of interior designers to help you style them. In fact, two of our interior designers—Michael Scott and Thomas Riker—are featured in this month’s edition of Naples Illustrated with two holiday tablescapes they designed for the magazine. One is more formal, showcasing a white and gold palette with votive candles, ribbon, and natural elements. The other is more Florida-inspired, featuring bright flowers, fruit, and lots of texture.

When it comes to creating the perfect holiday table design, it’s important to consider scale, proportion, color, and texture. Each piece should contribute to a sense of balance and harmony while creating a feeling of rhythm between the objects. It can be helpful to start with a theme and then select a color palette and main centerpiece. Look for similarities and differences in forms and lines, and observe how certain pieces complement each other. It can help to group like colors and then accent them with a contrasting color. You can keep it as simple or as layered as you like.

For more inspiration, visit one of Clive Daniel Home’s showrooms in person or talk to one of our interior designers.

Founded in 2011 by father-son duo Clive and Daniel Lubner, Clive Daniel Home is Southwest Florida’s premier destination for luxury home furnishings and custom residential and commercial interior design services. Since its inception, the brand has won more than 430 awards for design excellence, including Best New Showroom in the USA. With an 85,000 square-foot flagship in Naples, a 70,000 square-foot showroom in Boca Raton, a 70,000 square-foot showroom in Sarasota, and a 50,000 square-foot showroom in Fort Myers. Clive Daniel Home offers an unparalleled mix of contemporary, traditional, and casual designs.