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As you consider interior design ideas for 2021, your choices in flooring will have an obviously huge impact on the overall feel of your whole luxury high-end home. Happily, there exist flooring options for virtually every taste imaginable. Here in Florida, with its humidity and tropical temperatures, environmental factors will also play a big role. Whether or not you maintain a strict “shoes-off” policy, there are floors that can take the abuse and still look fantastic for many years in your Naples or Boca Raton home.


If the idea is to create a sophisticated environment in your kitchen, consider neutral colors and mixing light and dark tones throughout the room. indicates that retro kitchens, however, will also require a balance in the color combination, especially if you have a specific tile design on the wall and colored appliances. Consider a neutral color with a second color interspersed in these situations. As a water-related, high-traffic location within the home, kitchen and bathroom floors will require a quality coating, and easy-to-clean, resistant and highly durable texture.


Texture trends for 2021 in both solid hardwood and wood-looking tile for your luxury high-end home include wirebrushed, handscraped, and distressed wood surfaces.


Porcelain tiles are one of the most suitable materials among bath and kitchen floor trends, regardless of the decoration style. Ari Ziskin of indicates that trending tile looks include that of concrete and wood. Donata Pompo of Ceramic tile and Stone Consultants concurs, adding that inkjet technology is able to give the porcelain tiles an extremely realistic look, whichever way you go. Porcelain does not spoil after contact with moisture or chemicals and has above average durability.

Additional popular texture trends for 2021 in both solid hardwood and wood-looking tile for your luxury high-end home include wirebrushed, handscraped, and distressed wood surfaces. They are all similar and often confused with one another. Flooring Inc. explains the differences:

  • Wirebrushed Wood-Look Tile – shows the appearance of subtle, intentional wire scratches that leave the heart of the “wood” exposed to the surface. These imperfections are smoother and more consistent than handscraped or distressed wood looks.
  • Rustic, Handscraped Wood-Look Tile – features the appearance of long, ingrained scrapes with high variation between planks, making each plank appear handcrafted, unique, and rare.
  • Distressed Wood-Look Tile – is often mistaken for handscraped looks. Distressed looks, however, appear as though they’ve been through a lot of wear and tear. You can expect to see the appearance of scrapes, burns, knots, wormholes, and more, giving it an aged, antique look.

Marble is also one of the latest flooring trends in Naples and Boca Raton homes for 2021. Ceramic tile manufacturers have mastered the marble look and will be offering it in a less porous, more durable material. Marble works especially well in bathrooms, whether you decide on the real thing for your luxury high-end home or the foolproof ceramic version thereof.


As colors go, neutrals are popular for interior décor, and that trend goes straight down to the floor. Warmer tones of grey are also happening now and will continue into 2021. Additionally, grey floors set the tone of a cool, contemporary home, providing a handy backdrop for whatever your fancy may be working upward from there.

It’s not just color, but shape that seems to be a popular thing these days. By that we mean shapes outside of the traditional square for tile floors. Hexagon is making noise for ’21, proving itself to be an ultra-modern, dare we say futuristic look for luxury-high end living. Diamond, circle, and arabesque are also trending tile shapes for something really new and different, adding elegance and flair to any room.

Tile planks have been and continue to be a popular choice, giving homeowners the durability of tile for your Naples or Boca Raton home, while offering the flawless, beautiful look of wood; longer, wider planks make your floors look larger, more open, and less busy.


Our flooring experts at Clive Daniels Home can answer your questions and help you make decisions on the optimal flooring to match your interior design vision. Contact Catherine Baker in our Naples design showroom for some great ideas, 412-576-4373 or email [email protected].