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W. Todd Stevenson

W. Todd Stevenson

Interior Designer

"Home is a nurturing backdrop for living a full life."

Todd Stevenson chooses to experience life to its fullest. His joy and enthusiasm radiate into his work and relationships with his clients. The pleasure he takes in his design projects are manifested in their space and architecture drama. He designs interiors for his clients that are appropriate for their lifestyles and sympathetic to their spaces and architecture. Todd is always ready with his notorious humor and his desire to educate his clients about their unique surroundings.

Todd has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design from the Vesper George School of Art in Boston. He was President of the Junior Affiliate of New England Chapter of what was then called the American Institute of Interior Designers. For many years Todd was part of the Boston Junior League Show Houses. He has also been a part of many charity design events for DIFFA, Children’s Hospital and the Kidney Foundation in Boston.

PHONE: 239.213.7809
EMAIL: [email protected]