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Todd Hunt

Todd Hunt

Interior Designer

Witnessing the visualization of spaces before finalization is truly inspirational, opening my eyes to the remarkable levels of achievement possible.

Born in the picturesque landscapes of Alaska and raised in the charming surroundings of Eastern Virginia, Todd brings a unique blend of experiences and creativity to the world of interior design. With a passion for transforming spaces and an impressive career spanning decades, Todd is set to make a mark as the newest addition to Clive Daniel Home.

With a degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Todd’s design journey reflects his passion for crafting spaces that captivate.

For the past seven years at Scandesign in Boca Raton, Todd achieved top sales annually and left an indelible mark on Moderne Boca, designing and furnishing unique condos. His 19-year tenure at Crate and Barrel saw him as a Designer, Night Manager, and Sales expert, opening stores across the West coast and contributing to the Boca Town Center launch.

Away from the design studio, Todd finds joy in diverse hobbies and volunteer activities. Whether he’s exploring different parts of the world through vacations or indulging in boating and water activities, Todd’s adventurous spirit complements his creative mindset. 

In Todd, Clive Daniel Home gains not just a designer but a storyteller of spaces, seamlessly blending innovation and client satisfaction.

PHONE: 561-221-2171
EMAIL: [email protected]