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Sylvia Beres

Sylvia Beres

Interior Designer

Interior design should tell a story and evoke emotion.

Sylvia is a dynamic and promising emerging talent in the field of interior design. Within just her first few years of experience, she has already demonstrated a keen eye for detail, a passion for creating functional yet aesthetically pleasing spaces, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of interior design.

Sylvia’s journey into the world of art began at a young age through her experience with dance. She studied ballet, as well as many other forms of dance, from childhood into adulthood. She was always surrounded by art and developed a passion for all things creative as a result. This passion, combined with her natural eye for creating beautiful spaces, has led to a unsurprisingly successful career in design.

Sylvia believes that interior design should tell a story and evoke emotions. Her design philosophy centers around the idea that every space should be a reflection of its inhabitants, a sanctuary where they can thrive. She strives to balance aesthetics with functionality, creating interiors that are both visually stunning and practical for everyday living.

PHONE: 561-617-8723
EMAIL: [email protected]