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Rose Gonzales

Rose Gonzales

Interior Designer

I thrive on layering textures and mediums, cherishing every detail, and fearlessly embracing vibrant colors and imaginative elements.

Rose Gonzales, a visionary Interior Designer at Clive Daniel Home, traces her creative roots back to her upbringing in Rochester, MI, as a first-generation Italian immigrant. Immersed in the construction business from a young age, Rose’s journey into design began at just 13 years old, working alongside her father, selling new construction homes and collaborating with architects and suppliers.

With a natural flair for creativity, Rose ventured into fashion jewelry design, a passion she pursued alongside her studies and work in the family construction business. At age 23, she established her own interior design business, showcasing her talent and vision.

Much like her jewelry designs, Rose’s approach to interior design is daring, artsy, and always tailored to her clients’ preferences. One of her standout projects is a magnificent 11,000 square foot French Country home in Orchard Lake, MI, where she brought her vision to life, curating unique pieces from around the world. 

Combining her love for fashion jewelry and construction, Rose sees interior design as the perfect marriage of the two, allowing her to express her creative gifts in a field she was born into. Her design approach reflects her clients’ personalities and lifestyles, blending Hollywood regency, traditional woods, and bohemian touches with modern flair.

Outside of design, Rose finds joy in spending time with her family, traveling, engaging in art projects, and staying active outdoors. As a mother of three, family remains at the forefront of her life, inspiring her creative endeavors and enriching her design perspective. With her passion for design and commitment to creating timeless, personalized spaces, Rose continues to elevate every project she undertakes at Clive Daniel Home.

PHONE: 941-900-4663
EMAIL: [email protected]