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Nicole Anastasi

Nicole Anastasi

Interior Designer

I love creating spaces that support my clients' ideas and dreams.

Nicole Anastasi’s creative talents were evident long before she became an interior designer. After earning certifications in graphic design and website design, she began a successful career in marketing before deciding to pursue her passion for music instead. Nicole then directed music for several non-profit affiliates and events, and even performed as a singer and entertainer herself.

In 2002, Nicole discovered her love and talent for interior design. She joined the team at Robb & Stucky and immediately began honing her ability to create timeless, beautiful spaces.

“I love creating spaces that support my clients’ ideas and dreams,” she said. “Framing my work around their style and needs makes every project a fun experience!”

Utilizing the customer service, management, and marketing skills from her previous work experiences, Nicole brings a unique edge to her work as a designer. Her clients appreciate her unparalleled attention to detail, clear communication, and work ethic. These traits have not only earned Nicole the respect of those she works with, however, but also the honor of being a member of Clive Daniel Home’s prestigious Circle of Distinction.

Nicole is dedicated to her craft and is always furthering her knowledge and expertise. Currently, she is enrolled at the New York Institute of Art & Design obtaining her Certificate in Residential Interior Design accredited by the Design Society of America. When she is not pursuing creative endeavors, Nicole’s interests include a passion for personal health as a fitness trainer and nutritionist.

PHONE: 646.271.7408
EMAIL: [email protected]