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Kaitlyn Kolek

Kaitlyn Kolek

Interior Designer, Allied ASID, IDS

Being an interior designer is about capturing the essence of people in a space.

Naples native Kaitlyn Kolek attended the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she majored in interior design and minored in business and entrepreneurship. She worked as a design assistant at Clive Daniel Home while still a student and later joined the team as a full-time interior designer post-graduation.

In her time with the company, Kaitlyn has exceeded expectations, creating curated spaces for her clients while maintaining a tight schedule, disciplined work ethic, and clear communication. Her designs are creative, unique, and personal. She specializes in tailoring her clients’ spaces to represent their personalities and experiences—while still being functional and aesthetic.

“I am an eclectic passport filled to the brim with confidence and curiosity—a global citizen eager to discover, create, and connect,” she says. “I want to be the designer that defines people through spaces, and in turn, lets spaces define people through memories. I want to be the person who allows for a core memory to be had.”

Outside of design, Kaitlyn loves painting, going to the beach, and traveling. She has been to more than 35 countries and loves getting a better understanding of other cultures and customs.

PHONE: 239-224-2440
EMAIL: [email protected]