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Jean M. Jodar

Jean M. Jodar

Interior Designer

Through interior design, I have the privilege of not only creating beautiful spaces but also weaving together the unique stories and experiences of my clients into every design.

Jean Jodar is an accomplished Interior Designer known for her expertise in creating timeless spaces. Originally from Chicago, Jean has spent the past 13 years in Florida, where she has immersed herself in the diverse design landscape.

With an extensive background in the industry, Jean has honed her skills in interior design through roles at prominent furniture retailers and renovation centers. She excelled in customizing options at Bassett Furniture, achieved top sales rankings at Scan Design, and delivered exceptional service at Lowes, where she was one of the region’s top performers.

Jean’s favorite and most notable project to date was a remote undertaking, showcasing her ability to translate her client’s vision into a flawless design despite the distance. Through effective communication and collaboration, Jean seamlessly brought her client’s dream space to life.

Jean’s passion lies in crafting enduring spaces that harmonize functionality and style, enduring through the years to reflect her clients’ lifestyles. With a specialization in floor planning and the seamless integration of cherished pieces into rejuvenated designs, Jean guarantees each project is a true reflection of her clients’ individuality and tastes.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Jean finds fulfillment in giving back through Habitat for Humanity, indulging her passion for travel, and maintaining her well-being through Pilates. With her vast expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Jean continues to shape the landscape of interior design, leaving an enduring legacy.

PHONE: 312-719-5326
EMAIL: [email protected]