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David Richerson

David Richerson

Interior Designer

"I love the constant evolution within interior design—it’s forever changing and never boring."

Originally from Illinois, David Richerson studied architecture at Southern Illinois University and then began his career with various architecture firms in Fort Lauderdale, where he oversaw project designs, client meetings, and construction administration. In 2004, he shifted his focus to interior design, learning the ins and outs of residential design.

“Throughout the years I’ve worked for both architecture and interior design firms,” he said. “The more I learned about each, the more I gravitated toward interior design.”

David’s experience in both fields enables him to see spaces with a broader vision. As a result, he is adept at streamlining the design process for his clients and managing project timelines, budgets, and design selections with ease.

“I love the constant evolution within interior design, especially in lighting and electronics right now,” he said. “It’s forever changing and never boring.”

PHONE: 941-280-3135
EMAIL: [email protected]