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Cheryl Kessler

Cheryl Kessler

Interior Designer

As a virtuoso designer, I see myself as an orchestra conductor arranging all the elements of design to create a finely tuned interior composition and delightful fusion of rhythm, flow, balance and harmony that reflects each clients unique character, vibe and lifestyle.

Cheryl Kessler, a seasoned Interior Designer, brings over 35 years of expertise and refined sophistication to every project she undertakes. A native of Miami Beach, her passion for interior design ignited during her teenage years while assisting her father in his South Beach hotels.

With a degree in Interior Design and an impressive win at an IBD national student competition, Cheryl’s journey in design took off with an internship at a prestigious global hospitality interior design firm. Over the years, she rose through the ranks to become a Senior Designer/Director of Interior Design, honing her skills and shaping her future in the industry.

Cheryl’s career path led her to establish a fine art studio in Bali, Indonesia, where she created exquisite paintings and murals for the hospitality and high-end residential sectors, showcased in her High Point, NC showroom. Her creative ventures extended to designing custom fabrics, draperies, bedding, and pillows for hospitality and cruise line clients, sourced from textile mills in Turkey.

With a diverse background spanning interior design, fine art, furniture, textiles, and antiques, Cheryl’s approach is characterized by distinguished style and exceptional taste. At Clive Daniel Home, Cheryl’s expertise ensures a seamless, personalized, and aesthetically elevated experience for each client, from design conception to installation.

PHONE: 305-710-7414
EMAIL: [email protected]