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Blake Evans

Blake Evans

Interior Designer, Hospitality Division

Blake’s dedication to creativity and profound understanding of form and function began in high school, where he honed his drafting skills. This passion led him to Auburn University, where he pursued an intensive curriculum in industrial design, earning a bachelor’s degree in the field. Although his interest in product development and design remains strong, his enthusiasm for architecture and interior design eventually guided him to the dynamic world of interior design.

Currently, Blake is an Interior Designer with Clive Daniel Home’s hospitality division. Since February 2023, he has worked with clients, contractors, and vendors to ensure seamless project timelines. His role includes designing and delivering compelling presentation decks, producing detailed CAD documentation, managing project finances, and maintaining quality standards through communication with fabric and furniture vendors. Blake also oversees the preparation of client specification books, handles multiple project deliveries, creates custom wall coverings, and utilizes digital technology for design enhancements and mood board creations. He maintains proactive communication with team members and clients, ensuring timely updates and responsiveness, and conducts on-site walkthroughs to ensure accurate project assessments.

Prior to joining Clive Daniel Home, Blake was a Jr. Designer at Foremost Homes Group Inc. where he developed innovative visual designs for outdoor home furnishings, created detailed vector graphics, managed graphic artwork procurement, and compiled color palettes to inform design decisions.

Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, Blake has always led an active lifestyle, engaging in sports such as track and soccer. For the past two years, he has enjoyed living in Naples, Florida, where he spends significant time with his family.

PHONE: 302.383.5649
EMAIL: [email protected]