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Bailey Flaherty

Bailey Flaherty

Design Assistant

Spending much of our time in the spaces we inhabit, my passion lies in turning those moments into truly memorable and meaningful experiences – it’s about crafting spaces that resonate with the soul.

Bailey Flaherty brings a unique blend of creativity, technical prowess, and a deep passion for design to her role as a Design Assistant at Clive Daniel Home. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Bailey’s journey into interior design began with a Bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University.

Her career took off at That Girl and Co., where she not only excelled as an instructor and sales associate but also developed a keen eye for retail display design and customer engagement. This experience laid the foundation for her internship at Riverton Cabinet Company, where she further refined her skills in rendering software and cabinet design, ensuring every client’s vision was brought to life.

What truly drives Bailey is her belief that everyone deserves a space that reflects their personality and needs. This passion for creating personalized environments stems from her love for home, which she sees as a sanctuary for comfort and self-expression.

Outside of work, Bailey finds joy in spending time outdoors with her dogs (Frito and Lila), enjoying family moments, nurturing her plants, and indulging in creative DIY projects. With her dedication to excellence and genuine enthusiasm for design, Bailey ensures that each project at Clive Daniel Home is not just a space, but a reflection of her clients’ unique stories and lifestyles.

PHONE: 815-412-5373
EMAIL: [email protected]